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Hi there, has anyone had to stop taking letrozol due to severe side effects? 

  • Hi Kendal

    what side effects are you having? Also makes a different every time you change the brand of Letrozole.

    I couldn’t walk  legs very heavy had physio and acupuncture didn't help.

    speak to the mcmillan nurse. I came off the table today having a break for 4 days then may be start on Astrozole same family as Letrozole but may have different side effects

    hope this helps xx

  • I'm on Anastrazole, different brands give differrent side effects definitely, some more tolerable than others.  

  • Hi KLF

    Am thinking of changing over to Anastrazole do you have anything side effects from this if so what x

  • Hi, I am on Anastrozole.  You get hot flushes, pains and aches in joints and some cramp in the legs.  Again different brands have different side effects.  I think they are all much the same.  Hope this helps. 

  • Hi Kendal.     I spent 18 months on  Letrazol with no problems whatsoever then boom! The most awful depression where l turned into a crying wreck, contactedbreast cancer care nurse and within a couple of days saw the oncologist who chose Exemestane for me but said try and there are others if l have further problems not to worry about it .   Have the lousy joints and a bit of a headache at times but mood returning to usual optomistic person.    Be lead by your care provider they have the experience.

  • Hi dizzy. I was also on Letroze for 18 months now am on the farmara brand as cant get hold of the accord brand and my legs have completely given in and cant even walk 10 yards so  my mcmillan nurse has suggested to take a break for 4 days then starttAnaletrizole

  • Hi, both An & Let have the same effect on your body BUT they have different fillers . Each brand of Anastrazole and Letrozole has the fillers in different quantities. On one brand, I had nausea and bad vaginal side effects, no joint ache.

    On the one that I "tolerate" better , joint ache but no nausea and minimal vaginal side effects. 

    My caveat is that I have an undercative thyroid and the GP is going to monitor that , as oestrogen and thyoxine interact. It's early days for me, so I may get the thyroid better balanced and the side effects improve.

    Oncologist has told me to insist that the GP specifies the brand and gives me 3 months. He says it's ridiculous that women are fighting every 28 days to get these tablets that they can live with Disappointed

  • Hi i was put on letrozole 10 years ago and still on it,, however the first 3 months were fine, then the 4th month i had to get the prescription from the pharmacy and no longer from hospital pharmacy,, and unbeknown to me, the tablet is not the issue its the brand you are given,, so the 4th month i was a cripple after taking for 3 days,, when i researched and delved further,, it was a different brand to the one i was on,, so i asked oncologist to supply me with it from the hospital and that was all fine as it was the same brand i was on before, so then i had to go down a long road of discussing with pharmacy locally to get the brand, GP put it on any prescription i got, and eventually i got a different chemist who could supply me with it and since then all is well, only abit of joint pain here and there, but 100% better than any other brand i was given whilst i proved to the pharmacist how it all works,, only one of them knew what i was talking about - and i had to complete a yellow form and send off to government dept,, to escalate issues with brands, and its all to do with the fillers they put around the actual ingredients of letrozole - not the tablet itself.. the cheaper they can pack it round to make it swallowable size the better for them,, money grabbing robbers.. but ive been on accord brand now all this time and can manage it no problem, still play hockey, have 3 allotments, and walk my dogs daily,, if i do too much im abit cranky but once ive got going im fine... 

  • It’s mad isn’t it ?! 
    who gave you the yellow card form , the pharmacist ? I’m going to ask to do it for the Key brand ..

  • its a bloody minefield,, and ive managed to tell more than one person in a chemist etc dont teach me to suck eggs lol,, i know what im talking about,, been doing it for 10 years,, you can download the form off the tinternet,  here is the link,, if you search for letrozole it comes up with different brands so pick the brand you have an issue with or just pick the letrozole option in list if its not listed xx,,