Awaiting initial breast clinic appt

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Hi All!

I'm 33 and got my initial appointment at breast clinic in 2nd and I am shitting it! One minute I'm fine and like stop worrying it will be nothing to breaking down the next! And it feels so far away! 

Went for a blister type thing on right breast (Dr has called it a an inflammed pustule.. been there 4 weeks and was a lump with no head to start with.

She then examined me and saw the reddy/purple rash/bruise I keep getting on both breasts but mainly left (been before and told some blood levels were low and this was what caused it and never went back) 

She then asked about my l nipple and if always been inverted. I explained I noticed this in September along with the area around it very bumpy and itchy but was given cream which cleared it up slightly and again I didn't go back as felt it had worked slightly. 

She has referred me on and had bloods of which my white blood count is over the expected markers but Dr said no further action needed though clearly an infection somewhere in my body. Other wbc tests were all above average as well but not sure what they do.

Guess just coming to here positive stories from those who have been thru this before and not to Dr Google! 

  • Hi XoXoX,

    I know this is a worrying time for you, but don’t stress to much at the moment as this could turn out to be something and nothing. It’s easier said then done, but try and keep as positive as possible, have positive people around you and dump the  negativity.

    If this turns out to be the worse possible scenario, then there is plenty of help for you out there and you’re right, do not visit Dr Google ad there is so much conflicting information it drives you mad and stresses you out.

    Please let us know how you get on and do not hesitate to come back here to chat at anytime, always remember you are not alone - we are all in this together.

    Good luck, lots of love and

  • Hi sorry to hear of your distress. Welcome to the forum none of us wish to be apart of. However it is very informative and supportive. Try not to worry to much until you have results.easier said than done I know. I have just been through a month of torture.

    Try to seek out support from others. Definitely stay away from Google. Speak with the macmillan nurses they are great.

    I found the thing that relaxed me most was speaking with others who are on their recovery and further along in treatments than me, my consultant and getting a treatment plan in place. There are loads of treatments available now. Lots of research in breast cancer treatments. Your consultant will have your best interest at heart.

    Sending positive thoughts to you. Good luck with your recovery. Please keep us posted and seek out support. Xx