Anxiety awaiting more scans

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Hi, I guess I’m looking for some strength from women who have been where I am.

I was diagnosed in March, triple positive, lymph node involvement, largest lump 3cm, 2 x 1cm. As I’m Her2+ I started chemo first with a view to cure. 

I have really focused on staying positive and focusing on getting the all clear. My team have always talked about treatment with a view to cure so working my way through the chemo, the herceptin and then full mastectomy and lymph clearance in sept. Today I had a call that they want to do a CT as my heart MRI showed some marginal abnormality in the lungs and liver. My consultant has said this is common to pick up unclear things when scanning other areas and no one’s body is normal, these things are often cysts, scarring etc but that they want to dot their I’s with a CT.

Stage 4 is my worse fear, I have a 1 year old daughter and despite my consultant telling me not to get anxious and read into it, I feel sick with worry. Im not sure how my husband and I are gonna get through the next 3 weeks of waiting. To go from thinking I’ve caught it early enough to now worried about them scanning other areas is terrifying. 

Just wondering if this is as common as the consultant says to get and get control of my panic. Thank you ladies 

  • Hi TJGS,

    I am so sorry that you have found yourself in this situation! Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a shock to the system especially in the beginning before the whole thing sinks in! The waiting for the test results is even worse! The weird (and good!) thing is that you are getting used to it with time. Even if it is the worst case scenario, which most probably and hopefully is not, try to stay positive. Breast cancer treatment is so very advanced nowadays that people with really advanced breast cancer go into remission and live for many years, decades even! Do not think the worst, stay strong and positive. You are in very capable hands and your medical team will throw everything at it! It is not an  easy journey, especially if you have a young child, but just because of this you need to be even stronger and fight with all you have and hope for the best! You are not alone, we've all been where you are right now, it's difficult, but it will get better with time. Everything crossed for your tests and the very best of luck with your treatment! You'll find great support from the lovely ladies here! Big virtual hug,

    Lana xx

  • Hi, I am her2+estrogen+. I thought I was going for radiotherapy next however my tumour was faster growing than they thought. I've had it removed but now need chemo to make sure no residual sleeping cells in my body.

    My consultant was very reassuring today that radiotherapy and hormone suppressants work really well with this type.

    I have a heart echo due before chemo. I think they explore everything to make sure the correct treatment given. I'm sure they pick up on every scar, cyst that possibly would not have been noticed or problematic had you not had the sca.

    Fingers crossed is not serious and they can reassure you continuing with your treatment. The nurses on this site are also very informative and supportive. I was chatting online the other day as i was panicking with the terminology someone had used and the nurse took the time to explain support and reassure me. It was very helpful.

    Not sure how helpful this is but I wish you well and would recommend speaking with the nurses.

    If your like me I go to worst case scenario and thats not always the case. Wishing you well and sending healing vibes xx

  • Thank you, trying my best to stay calm as consultant went to lengths to say they are just being extra cautious and thorough as the MRI was for my heart not anything else -  it’s just so tough isn’t it. 

  • Thanks, wishing you all the best with your treatment. Going to do my best to engage logic brain rather than panic but it’s just so hard not to go to the absolute worse place. I was so sure that my initial lump was a blocked milk duct, it totally knocked me sideways getting the diagnosis and now I struggle with worse case scenario thinking which is really rough. 

  • Yes its horrible, and it's really difficult at times to stay positive. But we will fight this and treatments have improved vastly. Your team will treat everything needed. They have your best interest in their sight xx

  • It is hard. I went with a spot on my other breast I hadn't even felt my lump them all of a sudden it felt huge. It's a huge worry but after speaking with consultant today I am reassured that they have various improved treatments they can use now. Take one step at a time. 

    I've a long way to go yet in treatment but will take one step at a time.

    Try to be kind to yourself, speak with the nurses online I found That took away some of my panic. They were really supportive and took the time to explain things and reassure me xx

  • Hi, I was coping very well with my results until I got referred for a CT and like you, the worry and fear and “what if” took over.  A friend of mine who is a consultant radiotherapist gave me a good talking to, reminding me this is a procedure for everyone with lumps of a certain size, is precautionary and to basically stop overthinking it.  Honestly, his conversation did significantly slow down my panic.

    Waiting for results and tests is the absolute pits, I hope you can distract yourself and find a way through this difficult stage.  Best wishes 

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  • This is what I need to hear. We’ve just had so much bad news lately it’s almost impossible to get the anxiety under control. 

  • Hi, sorry you find yourself in the club no one wants to be in.  It is normal to panic while waiting on results.  I too was concerned when I was sent for a bone scan and ct scan.  The bone scan was to get a bench mark of how my bones were as Anastrazole (hormone therapy ) can thin your bones.  I was having pain in my back and shoulder (the area where the tumours were) but the ct scan showed nothing sinister but arthritis.  Try to stay positive and spend time doing things you like.  I won’t lie I did feel sick coming close to results but worry doesn’t change the results.  I hope all goes well with your results and treatment