Breast Cancer

Hi, I am new here and I am 38. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and waiting for a treatment plan following biopsy results. Dr is 95% confident from the ultra sound that it is cancer. Biopsy also taken from lymph nodes as they appeared swollen. I have a 4 year old boy and going out of my mind with worry. Anxiety is through the roof! I wish I had some positive thoughts but all that is running through my mind is that the next appointment will be telling me the cancer has spread, nothing they can do and I have weeks left to live. These thoughts are difficult to deal with as I am usually a positive person, so all I can think is that these extreme thoughts are right and my life is over!!!! I need some help please xxx

  • Hi there, am so sorry you have had this news and that you are waiting now to hear your biopsy results. Welcome to this forum where there is lots of support. Waiting is the worst part and really messes with our heads. I think most of us worried that our cancer and already spread even though it had not. You can have lots of lymph nodes and still be cured - there are lots of survivors with similar stories to yours and mine. It is hard to be positive at this stage as our heads often don't allow it; you may need to grieve a little for normality to get your head around this unwanted thing that appeared in your life. It is OK to be on a rollercoaster - it is usual for most of us. I tried to keep busy, to distract myself, I talked to the macmillan helpline and walked miles just to not be left alone with my thoughts and anxiety. It did help hugely to do all these things. Do you have friends or family that can just be with you in your waking hours so that you are not alone, and people who can walk or exercise with you (that is v good for cancer and you can reassure yourself that you are doing something positive to improve your outcome). Thinking of you and hope you feel better once you have your treatment plan xx

  • Hello! I was diagnosed in February, a month after my 50th birthday. I have two teenage sons and was worried out of my mind. Similar to you, I was told there and then it was almost certainly cancer and as well as doing a biopsy on the tumour I also had axilla node biopsied as that was inflamed. I was lucky that when the full results came back the axilla node was clear, so that can sometimes happen.

    Subsequently I had a lumpectomy and the sentinel node(s) (the ones nearest the tumour) were removed and they also came back clear. I've just completed radiotherapy and am now on tamoxifen for the next 5 to 10 years, but that's treatment completed.

    The initial diagnosis and the waiting for confirmation of type of tumour etc is horrible. Have you been given a breast cancer nurse? Definitely worth giving them a call as they're so lovely. Lots of other support available too - including Macmillan and Maggie's - and lots of others.

    Take care and be gentle on yourself xx

  • Thank you…I was hoping to get results this week, however, my lymph node biopsy has come back inconclusive so they want me to have another before discussing results. Another weeks waiting! 

  • The initial wait for results is horrendous. I think most take the worst view. Just don’t Google that is the worst. The treatment plans are really the best. I had my sentinel node checked and two cancerous areas removed in lumpectomy. Just finished 5 days radium and now on tamoxifen. 
    there is a light at the end of the tunnel once you get your results. Try and not worry. I know that’s easier said than done. As I had a meltdown waiting for results. There are so many treatments out there to help us get through this.

  • So sorry to hear you have had this diagnosis. I am 35, with a almost 2 hear old daughter and I was also told that the doctor is confident it is cancer. Also had lymph nodes biopsy along with a biopsy of the mass and am going for my appointment tomorrow to discuss results and treatment plan. I have another biopsy on the other side next week too as they have concerns about that side after the mamagram and subsequent additional ultrasound. The last 2 weeks have been horrendous and today is driving me crazy. All I can suggest is try to things to take your mind off it. The macmillan support line is amazing too if you just need or want to talk to someone. I phoned them the day after my initial appointment as my head was a real mess and they really helped to talk me through stuff. 

    I hope your results come back OK...Happy to chat if you like x

  • Thank you for your reply. The waiting is horrendous…a continuous battle of the mind, wanting to be positive but not to get hopes too high, so hey, let’s think the absolute worse because anything else would be better! Not exactly the mind set anybody wants to be in and certainly one that doesn’t work! Please let me know how you get on…sending lots of hugs your way xx

  • It's so true. Its almost like your go to defense is to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario as then it can't be any worse. I'm terrified for tomorrow as I'm sure the lump I have has grown and they are going to tell me such bad news but it also can't come soon enough so i can start to process and deal. Do you know when you are going back?

  • I have no idea when I’ll be back in. Trying to follow up my second biopsy appointment so until the results of that are back, I’m in limbo! Just trying to be as normal as possible, admittedly without great success. I’ll be thinking of you for tomorrow and hope that the news you receive is nothing like your thoughts. I believe it is normal to feel your lump has suddenly grown, but you will get the answers tomorrow. I also believe that once you know exactly what you’re dealing with, it’s one step closer to getting better. The number of people on here say that this point is the hardest!! Well you have almost got through the hardest part, so you are stronger than what you think. Please do keep in touch, I’ll be rooting for you xx