Paclitaxel and 3 weekly trastuzumab


i had my first treatment yesterday, I was expecting to be having symptoms by now I am feeling fine.

Has anyone else been the same as me and had no side effects ? If so when did they start? If all sessions are like this one I will be one happy bunny Pray


  • Hi Lesley

    hope you had a lovely Easter break, How are you keeping hope treatment 3 has been kind to you.

    I had a couple of bad days after treatment 2 but still manageable.. treatment 3 today still no hair loss PrayPray

    Take care Jude xx

  • Hi Jude, yes had a very quiet Easter. I'm feeling quite tired after no. 3 and didn't feel up to doing alot. My children and their families were away on holiday so we were able to spend it quietly. Had a slight nose bleed today which I read can be a side effect of platelets being low so will have to see on Thursday what the bloods say. Still all in all not doing too badly. Are you working during treatments. I'm working from home but finding it harder as the weeks are going by. Glad to see you are doing okay. It's weird but I'm on a high for the first couple of days after treatment and then it's downhill after that. Hair still good also. Take care. Keep in touch. Luv lesley xxx

  • Hi Lesley sorry to hear about your nose bleed.. yes I read also it is a side effect.

    No I am not working at the moment I work in a GP surgery so my oncologist advised me to keep away due to covid risk, I know what you mean about being on a high on good days Mondays are a really good day for me unfortunately it is my blood day as chemo Tuesday.

    Hope tomorrow goes well xx

    1. love Jude
      ps I have chemo foggy brain no chance of remembering how to work lol x
  • Hi Lesley hope treatment 4 has been kind to you ?

    I think this has been my worst since the start of treatment so many aches and pains and my hair has started to thin now :( 

    Take care Jude xxx

  • Jude, sorry to hear things are not so good this week for you. No. 4 went okay on Friday but today have had to take an anti sickness pill. It's my birthday and my husband has booked a restaurant for lunch. Hope I will start to feel a little better. I haven't noticed too much hair coming out yet as I had mine cut short before treatment started. I used to have shoulder length hair and found it was coming out before any treatment started so took the plunge. I've only ever once had short hair and I must admit it's so easy to wash and dry now. I also had the extra infusion of herceptin this time. I must admit I'm taking quite a few paracetemol to help. Hope you have a good Sunday and take care. Lesley xx

  • Hi jude how r u doing. I've now started to have hair loss since last week's treatment. No 6 is coming up this week. I'm just wondering if its worth cold capping still. What r u going to do. Lesley

  • Hi lesley

    ive had quite a good week, 5th treatment today and I do feel more tired than I usually do.

    I have now lost the majority of my hair what is left is very fine, I will soon take the plunge and let my sister cut the rest off with the hair clippers, I have my wig and lots of beanies scarves etc .. my head has been sore whilst it has been shredding.

    Hope you haven’t lost too much I think I would continue with the cold cap it may stop you from losing it all .. hope you are keeping well xxxx

  • Jude, the hospital advised me to walk more each day to try and combat the tiredness  but with working from home its harder to fit in.

    I will continue to coldcap and see how it goes. My head just itches all the time. I'm wearing a scarf today as getting fed up seeing bits of hair on clothes and on my desk.

    Keep in touch  it's good to hear from someone near to the same stage as yourself. 

    Take care, hope the next week goes well for you.


  • Hi Lesley hope your keeping as well as can be expected, I’ve been much the same if I do too much I feel exhausted yesterday I went to watch my husband coming in from a charity walk I stood for around an hour and could feel my energy draining from me.. that was me stuck to the sofa all evening took paracetamol as my legs felt achey and I felt absolutely drained.

    my sister cut my hair last Wednesday with the clippers as I was getting bald patches, it was difficult but feels so much better now and no complaints about my hair in cups of coffee.

    Do you have to have radiotherapy Lesley ? Have you heard how long after chemo has finished it will be ?

    Half way now it has gone quick x

    take care hope to hear from you soon

    Jude xxx

  • Hi Jude, the lovely weather has helped over the past couple of days. I'm persevering with the hair but it's getting very thin. Not sure how long I will last. I have felt better this week. I'm trying to drink more water, I'm up to 2 litres at least per day which is alot for me. I bought a water bottle with hourly drinking amounts on it, I'm hoping this will help with the fatigue. Also going to try to get back to senior keep fit today. Yes, half way thru. I will be having radiotherepy but nothing much more has been said yet. I see my oncologist this week so perhaps he will mention. I'm presuming it will be a 5day course but that's only what I think. Hope treatments go well for you this week. I will be having both paclitaxal and herceptin this week. Take care. Lesley