Paclitaxel and 3 weekly trastuzumab


i had my first treatment yesterday, I was expecting to be having symptoms by now I am feeling fine.

Has anyone else been the same as me and had no side effects ? If so when did they start? If all sessions are like this one I will be one happy bunny Pray


  • Some of us do manage to get away with fewer, less severe side effects, and you may be one such lucky lady! Slight smile

    Some side effects take longer than one day to manifest, but I wouldn't imagine it would take longer than one week to show, if at all.

  • Hi jude  I had my first treatment last week of paclitaxel and have also felt lucky. Just had a backache on day 3 but nothing else. Treatment number 2 tomorrow so hope it continues to go well.

  • It’s very bizarre isn’t it ? Please let me know how you get on with next session, are you cold capping ?

  • Yes, I'm cold capping. I have found it okay, so far. I am due to have 12 weeks paclitaxel with herceptin every 3wks for 6 months. It's going to be a long 6 mths but worth it.!!!

  • Hi Alex 

    hope today went ok xx

  • Hi jude, thank you for remembering. Everything went extremely good and I'm feeling great. Did the cold capping and I didn't notice it very much at all. I met a lady who had shoulder length hair and has had around 22 treatments. She looked amazing. She said her hair had thinned, but those who did not know her well would not know. Long may no hair loss continue. Are you still feeling good.

  • Hi Alex so pleased your feeling great, it’s good hearing of other ladies that are further on in treatment and doing well also .

    not feeling brill today very weary and cannot get warm hoping will pass soon x

    Jude xx

  • Jude

    Hope you are starting to feel a little warmer. Let me know how you are getting on with your treatments. It's good to hear from others who are on the same cancer treatments as there are so many variations.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Hi Alex 

    Hope you too have had a lovely weekend my symptoms disappeared by Saturday so back to normal housework Rolling eyes

    second treatment today fingers crossed feel the same .

    how have you been after this second treatment.. good I hope xxx

    take care x

  • Hi Jude, glad to hear things are going well. I have no. 3 treatment tomorrow but grateful no real side effects. On the first couple of days I have loads of energy but then that does disappear, but I can cope with that. We certainly seem to be lucky. No hair loss either yet. Good luck with your 2nd treatment and have a good easter. Catch up next week. Take care. Lesley xx