Back ache in small of my back - anyone else worry pains are secondary cancer?

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Anyone else??

in my dark moments it’s of course secondaries?? It’s in one node only, so I’m praying that’s unlikely?! 

when of course it could be stress/ more time in bed/ carrying myself weirdly/ operations 

but lower back in the small of my back. Fine when I’m moving about, quite sore when I’m sat in bed for prolonged time (which I am today post op!)

more moaning!! 

just wondering if anyone else has any weird aches and pains!!

  • Hi c22 welcome to the forum and I think you are perfectly normal in feeling and thinking as you do. I dont think the fear ever truly leaves any of us and all aches and pains become something much more than it ever turns out to be.  Have you asked your GP to check any of this out just to offer you some re-assurance? 


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  • Hi c22,

    I think what you are experiencing is perfectly normal and what we all go through after being diagnosed with cancer, we feel aches, pains or see a small lump and think it’s returning - you’re not alone.

    As for your back problem, maybe some gentle exercise. I go to a chair exercise class at my Macmillan centre once a week, you sit on a chair and just do gentle exercise and only as much as you can (worth it for the coffee and cake afterwards) or even try it at home.

    However, if it really bothers you so much, that I would speak to my GP.

    I hope this helps somewhat, take care and huge hugs.xx