Letrozole yes or no - any opinions on delaying chemo until after holiday?

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Hi.  I'm due to go abroad on holiday and didn't want to start chemotherapy until after I come back. Which has been booked 6 months ago.

Oncologist agreed at first and then said I need to start taking letrozole now to give me some protection.as I have a complicated diagnosis of different types of cancer.  I don't want to have side effect or be ill while I'm away. The Oncologist said it was my decision as to whether i take them or not.

Any advice would be helpful.  

  • Hi, that's a tough decision. For what it's worth, I have pretty much zero side effects from letrozole and I travel extensively for work and have no issues. But, we are all different and you only know your own reaction when you start taking them. Best wishes 

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  • Hi Lotsagain,

    I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed three months ago and await radiotherapy, I’m also on Letrozole and like Irishgirl16, have had very little size effects.

    I take one 2.5 mgm tablet a day, maybe it has something to do with the dosage, of course not sure what yours is. It does take a few weeks or maybe a couple of months for your system to adjust, so maybe that will help, but listen to your own body and don’t visit Dr Google, it will make your head spin and stress you out.

    I hope you have a fabulous holiday and enjoy yourself, just be sensible and slap on the factor 50, if you drink, do it in moderation, but otherwise have a ball.

    Always remember you can come and chat to us riff raff at anytime.

    Love and hugs.

  • Hi, I started Letrozole just over three weeks ago. So far, so good. Sending you love and best wishes. xx.

  • Thank you for your replies. It helps knowing others are on the same journey. 

  • I started taking letrizole as soon as I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I can honestly say I've had no side effects. I already have hot flushes but they are non worse.  Hope this helps.