Lymphatic drainage

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i I am now 4 weeks post DIEP and aux node removal, during the surgery my surgeon tucked my skin just below the armpit and attached it to my chest wall, I am told this is to close off the armpit.  I had the drain in for over a week once I was home but I feel that the area ia now quite swollen and tight and was wondering if this is due to lymph fluid which can’t drain away ? Has anyone else had this and how do you deal with it ?

thanks x

  • Hi Skatergirl it does sound like Lymphoedema, i have breast Cancer not in my breast but in my left Axillary arm Pit, and have recently had a visit to the Lymphoedema Clinic and measured for a compression sleeve .My left arm and left hand are very badly swollen as the lymphatic fluid is blocked and not draining away. If i was you i would have a word with your Oncologist she or he may have to refer you to the Lymphoedema Clinic.

  • Hi there, it might also be a seroma, sometimes they fix themselves, sometimes they need to be drained so definitely worth talking to your nurse if it continues to bother you. Best wishes 

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