How to adjust after breast cancer!

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Hi, After 2yrs of intense breast cancer chemo, masectomy & radiotherapy, now bone cancer treatment for next 3yrs, finding it difficult to adjust to a normal life. Is anyone that can relate to this?

  • Hi SuTed21welcome to the forum and yes many of us feel exactly like you do so please be assured that you are not alone.  Define normal life????  I don't think we ever truly go back to how or who we were before Cancer, it changes us in many many ways.  There is a paper written by a psychologist describing exactly what you are asking and explaining what happens after treatment finishes. Its written by Dr Peter Harvey and entitled "After the treatment finishes": then what?

    Have  a read and see what you think? 


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  • Thank you Granny59. I'm 72! & live on my own. Was fit & walking with my dog before cancer hit me. Friends/sister think I should be up & running after chemo treatment. Still going through more cancer treatment, leaves me exhausted. Adopted a lovely dog but having difficulty getting out of house as feel tired most days. Will get out when I'm ready. Think that's what I meant being normal as friends/sister make me feel I'm abnormal! They haven't been through any cancer treatment. Which I'm glad but no idea what I've been through. 

  • Sending huge big understanding hugs your way . Hugging xx


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  • Thank you granny59. Feel so much better now that someone understands how I feel & I'm not alone. 'or abnormal' xx

  • Hi SuTed21 , I’m so sorry you’re having to go through so much treatment. I really recommend reading the article by Peter Harvey, it helped me understand my feelings and made me realize what I was feeling was normal . 
    I think people who haven’t been through cancer really can’t understand what it’s like and often think once treatment is done that’s it ! Far from it , I finished radiotherapy a month ago and only now feel I’m processing what has happened, I’m seeing a psychologist which has helped a lot . 

    Take care of yourself, self care is so important.  

    sending a big hug x

  • Hi Ulan, thank you for your kind words. Sorry to hear you have gone through so much too. It does take time physically & emotionally to recover from treatment & radiotherapy but pleased the psychologist is helping you get through.

    I've started to read Peter Harvey's article & already can connect with it.

    All the very best for your recovery.

    Take care & a big hug to you too. x

  • Hi GRANNY59

    Thank you for your support & the link to Peter Harvey's article. 

    I've started to read it & can connect with it! It will definitely help me.

    Sending big hugs to you & thanks again.

    Take care. xx