Working with cancer

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Hi everyone

I have terminal. Cancer and am on my 37th round of chemo. (3 years into my journey)

I would really like to know if there are similar people out there that are still working. I'm really beginning to struggle with work. The symptoms from an early forced menapause and 3 years of treatment.are taking there toll.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to cope better with it all.

Many thanks. X

  • Hi Frenchie53,

    I’m so sorry to learn about your diagnosis, I had a lumpectomy just over two months ago, lymph nodes remove and I’m now awaiting radiotherapy. I can’t return to work yet until I’ve had said radiotherapy, but I can imagine it must be strange getting back into the swing of things and for you, doubly difficult.

    If you haven’t already, it might be best to sit down with your manager and have a good chat about everything, if he/she is understanding, then they should help you as much as possible, my manager has been fantastic.

    I m not sure how old you are, but there is something called I’ll health retirement you could look into (details on site).

    I wish I could of been of more help, but please come here at anytime even if it is just to chat and let off steam, we all need to do that and we’re not a bad shower.

    Love, best wishes and big hugs to you Hugging xxx