Bleeding after tamoxifen

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hello I’ve never posted on anything like this before but I’m scared. I had breast cancer in 2013 and have been on tamoxifen for 10 years with no bleeds. I came off of it one year ago. I started bleeding heavily four days ago and have just had a scan and internal. My doctor has called me within one hour of my appointment and said the lining is thick and I need an urgent referral. I’m so scared and worried. Has anyone else experienced this? 
thank you  Laura 

  • Hi  Just about to go to bed when I saw your post. Wanted to try and reassure you. Following my chemo I had no periods for just over a year. I was 39 at the time. Then just days before my 40th Birthday I woke up bleeding! It was horrendous. Think ‘Horror’ film! 
    I bled like that for days. Ruined my Birthday plans. However spoke to Oncologist who requested an ultrasound and internal ultrasound. This showed thickening of the lining of my womb. So I was referred to Gynaecologist. He said given history etc and treatment with Tamoxifen which I was taking at the time, he wasn’t overly concerned but would need to do an investigation. 
    a week later I was in hospital under general anaesthetic where they had a good look, removed a couple of polyps and took some biopsies. Couple of weeks later I was given the all clear! 
    It’s not uncommon for a bleed to start when on Tamoxifen or when you stop it! After all our bodies are doing what they were created to do. However because it’s classed as a bleed post menopause (whether natural or enforced menopause) they have to check it out. IT DOESN’T MEAN ITS CANCER if that’s where your head is taking you! They really are just being super cautious Hun! 

    Whatever it turns out to be. They will of caught it very early and they will sort out any issues if there’s any to sort!

    Hope that’s helped a bit. I know it’s hard not to think the worse Hun. But honestly they really are just keeping a very close eye on you. 
    Will keep fingers crossed that you get the all clear soon. Take care Hun. Sal xxxx

  • Hi Sal Thank you for your message. I didn’t get much sleep last night but your message is a welcome sight to see. You feel so alone and to hear from someone that been in your shoes is welcome. I knoHeart that they are looking after me. It really didn’t help when the guy scanning me mentioned oncology! I’m working today so it’ll take mind off things until I get my appointment for the biopsy x thank Heartou it means a lot xxxxHeartHeart️stay well flower