Reconstruction under local anaesthetic

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Does anyone know where I can get an implant reconstruction done after mastectomy under local anaesthetic? The reason I am asking this is that I have a phobia to general anaesthesia and my local hospital say I can only have it done under General. The whole situation is causing me intense anxiety because I can’t cope with being left with just one breast and a mastectomy scar forever. I’d even look into going private although I can’t really afford it. Any help or advice will be gratefully received 


  • Hi, I must admit I haven't come across this myself, but I noticed you haven't had any responses yet as the site is quite busy. My response will bump you back up to the top and I hope someone with the right experience will be along soon.  Best wishes 

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  • Hi Forrest, 

    I am sorry you are going through this. It is difficult to provide such an expert opinion and don't want to mislead you. The only thing I can think of is to ask your local consultant to refer you for a second opinion, maybe to the tertiary hospital in your area. 

    I hope this is resolved as soon and as best as possible for you. 

    Best wishes,