Extreme Tiredness

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I had a wide extension lumpectomy and radiotherapy. I am now on letrozole and have returned to work for about 3 months. I get to Wednesday and hit an extreme brick wall with tiredness. I am currently using annual leave on a Thursday to get by. Any suggestions on getting through the tiredness? 

  • Hi Michelle123 welcome to the forum and glad to hear that at least all the treatment is past. Can you discuss with your employers about reducing your hours at all is that an option? This could be for a short time just to allow you more time to get back on your feet? It might be worth giving the Macmillan Line a call and see if you can speak to the Welfare Advisors there who could maybe advise as to what options are open to you in respect of work? 08088080000.  


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  • Thank you so much for your response. If I reduce my hours so would my pay and currently can't afford it. I will call Macmillian to see my options. Thank you x

  • I’m suffering exactly the same thing, I work Mon to Thursday and sleep the rest of the time. It’s debilitating Cry. Same course of treatment as you but I’m on a different tablet. I feel your frustration 

  • Hi, I am in Letrozole too, and Herceptin every 3 weeks (had lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy) and I'm thinking of going back to work next month. At the moment I'm not feeling bad, I was always tired when I was doing treatments, but I feel much better now... Hopefully I can manage work, I talked with my managers and they were very understanding and I'll be starting with half of my previous shifts... and my GP said she could give a note explaining my situation to help the management understand the need for reducing hours because of the treatments I still do.Maybe you can do that to? 

    Really hope you feel better gradually, and can keep working. 

  • Yes I think I’ll speak to my gp and see if she can help. Work have been very good and I’m sure they will try to help. I feel so fragile it’s very frustrating 

  • I understand , me I feel a little anxious, because I'm a different person now... I used to be very active, always optimistic about everything. Now I'm still optimistic but there's something different... and one things sure, I'm not as active and the tiredness is not very bad now, but I been out of work, so a bit scared of how it will be. I don't want others to pitying me, hopefully I won't feel bad. I'm preparing myself walking a lot around , and being more active, but still feel tired . Funny that I fell asleep easily day time but wake like half an hour after...  and at night is difficult for me to fall asep, also I wake very early, compared with the "before" Sweat smile

  • Hi.i have all the same treatment as yourself.lumpectomy,chemo,radio herceptin,now on letrazole.I was diagnosed July last year,went back to work March this year but I can only manage 2 days a week,joints very painful & still have tingling in hands & feet but very thankful for the care & treatment.onwards & upwards.x