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i start Radiotherapy next week and have heard that Aveeno cream is good , but I’m unsure of which one to buy . 
Any advice would be great fully received. X 

  • I was advised by the radiographers that it didn’t matter as long as it was unperfumed? I start on the 9th.

    Good luck

    hugs xxx


  • Hi Saund,

    I start radiotherapy soon and my Doctor advised me to use Baby Aveeno, as it is very mild or E45 cream. I have regularly used the Baby Aveeno and my skin is lovely and soft. Hope this helps.

    Love and

  • Thank you 

    good luck to you too . I’ve got to have 5 sessions so hoping it’s not too bad x 

    take care x 

  • Hi. 

    My radiographers gave me Flamigel to use throughout my 15 sessions then Flaminal when my skin got a bit red. Both worked really well.

    Having seen it recommended on here, I bought Zeroveen online to use as a shower wash. It's an emollient so can be used as a wash &/or moisturiser. It's super gentle & one year on I still use it as a sensitive skin body wash.

    Hope your RT goes well.


  • Hi  

    I went in to Holland & Barrett and they are really good (in my local store anyway) at understanding breast radiotherapy.  H&B do an unperfumed aloe vera gel.  I had already bought some special super duper expensive radiotherapy stuff and actually the aloe vera gel was, I think the same - at a fraction of the price!  She also recommended a natural deodorant as it was summer when I had mine done and said it would be fine - it was. (it's recommended not to use deodorant).

    Above all with radiotherapy - drink, more than you have ever drunk in your life Slight smile  I went at the same time as 3 other ladies - 2 of us drank a lot more than usual (water, squash, tea, green tea - even some coffees), the other 2 didn't.  The 2 that didn't drink much had really bad fatigue whereas myself and the other drinker were 100% ok.  I even drove for the 3 weeks I had it Mon - Friday to and from the hospital, approximately 60 miles a day and we went away every weekend as well as a 'treat', so actually more full on than usual and I had no ill effects.  I can't stress enough how important the drinking is.

    With regards to the creams, I would have not put as much on under my breast (40D) as the bra strap rubbed it on week 3 and caused it to open, but other than that, it was ok.  Your radiotherapy team will tell you when to use the creams, but will also reiterate about drinking.

    Good luck next week, it really isn't as bad as I was worried about.  Bit of faffing with positioning etc, but other than that you don't even really know you are being 'zapped' except by the machine noise.

    Kindest wishes, Lesley

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  • That’s really interesting about the amount of fluids helping the tiredness,  , I will be careful to increase the amount I drink accordingly! 

    I received the ordered Aveeno pots yesterday in the ‘A’ post and it felt very smooth and cooling using it this morning to massage the mx scar. I’m sure it will be helpful during rads. I’ve found a fridge place for one of the two pots! 

    Hugs xxx


  • Hi Saund. Aveeno is a great product to use. I was also advised to keep this in the fridge as it will be nice & cool on your skin after Radiotherapy. I didn't have any problems & found it really helped. Good luck with your treatment. The team are so nice & will guide you with what you need to do. Xx