Re excision lumpectomy

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Has anyone experienced re excision lumpectomy after mammoplasty… if so please could I ask if it left alot of dentation and obvious mishap of the new breast?

  • Hi, I am sorry not to be able to answer your question myself, but I noticed you haven't had any responses yet as the site is quite busy. My answer will bump you back to the top and I hope someone with the right experience will be along soon. Best wishes 

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  • Hi Angela. I see no one has replied to your post so I will share my experience with you. I had to undergo re-excision of margins after an initial lumpectomy and mammoplasty. The second operation took place 2 weeks after the first, so I wasn’t fully healed but I had seen the initial results of the first op as the dressing had come off and it looked pretty good. The effect of the second op did change the look of the breast slightly- as things healed I did get some indentation and creasing on the skin. I was advised by my surgeon to do deep tissue massage twice a day once I’d healed which would help. I’ve done this religiously and it’s helped a bit. It’s hard to say whether this would have happened anyway as I was only two weeks post op before the second surgery so I never saw the final ‘look’ after 6 weeks of healing. However, what I would say now, 9 weeks post op, is that everything is settling and it looks ok. There is still a little indentation but it’s much better now than it was initially as the breast tissue has softened. I’ll keep going with the massage and I’m sure it will improve further. There are always things that can be done to address indentation - I’ve been offered fat transfer in the future which smooths out any rippling and indentation . This is where they do liposuction on your tummy or thighs and then inject the fat in to the breast. It’s available on the NHS. It can be done roughly 6-9 months after radiotherapy as tissues need time to heal and settle. So a little wait and patience is required. This procedure can be done multiple times to achieve the desired outcome. It’s something to think about and good that it’s available to all. 

    Hope this helps. Good luck with everything. 

  • Hello there and thankyou for such an informative response. I went ahead with the re excision 5 days ago 5 weeks after my initial surgery and up to now there is no deformity at all.. she did however, explain that it may occur at a later date and she would be happy to correct this should I desire.  Iv now had both breast corrected and only hope that my margins come back clear this time and no more surgery is required. 
    many thanks Angela x

  • I’m so pleased the operation went well for you and there is no indentation. Do try the tissue massage as that will only help. I use bio oil and apply firm pressure for 10-15 mins twice a day. Fingers crossed for your pathology results. I’m sure all will be well. Take care and rest up. 

  • Thankyou I most certainly will have invested in the bio oil and will start when the stitches allow me to do so..

    take care x

  • Just to ask on this - just had re excision 2 weeks post lumpectomy. Gosh…..

    Night after the operation number 2 and boob is very hard sore and swollen. Did you have this? Anyone else have this at all after not having had it at original lunpectomy


    trying to figure out if j should stress or just keep taking the tablets!!

  • Hey 

    I had a negative pressure dressing on after both surgeries.. I didn’t have any issues infact the 2nd surgery seems to recover a lot better other than the scar is more prominent.. swelling is normal but if you have any concerns then seek medical Advice. You should have contact with your surgeon for a review at any time. Try not to stress to much it’s all unfamiliar and unknown territory so it’s natural to be anxious and it’s very early days x