Is it safe for me to go to a concert whilst on chemo?

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I have triple negative breast cancer.  I have just finished 12 weeks of chemo and immunotherapy, and today I started EC and immunotherapy.  I'm having it every three weeks. The first lot of chemo and immunotherapy has made me so ill, I have no energy at all, and can't walk far so have to use a wheelchair now.

I had already got tickets with my son and daughter (19 and 21) for Taylor Swift for 23rd June at Wembley.  I had my first lot of EC and immunotherapy today so am due again on 26th June. 

Do I risk going? Will my white blood cells be recovered enough? I really want to go as I will never get the chance again and I still want to live my life. Cancer has already taken so much away from me. But I am also aware of the huge risks and implications. I will be wearing a mask and taking wipes and hand gel. What do you advise on your experience?

  • Hi Andypandy78

    If you feel up to it go to the concert and enjoy it.  Life is too short to miss out on the things we enjoy and as you said cancer has already  taken a lot of things away from you.

    Best wishes


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  • I had my first EC chemo last week and taking my little girl to Taylor tonight. I’m taking a mask and hand gel. Like you said, I still want to live my life and I want to make memories for my daughter too. If you’re feeling up to it, go!!

    if you’re finding mobility difficult, contact the venue before hand to find out about accessibility to and from seats ect x

  • I did contact the venue and they have been amazing and are helping me to stay safe. Have a fabulous time tonight.