Anatrozole, oestrogen positive and lions mane

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Hi, I am about 10 months post surgery for a single mastectomy for grade 2 breast cancer. I am oestrogen positive and taking anastrozole.

Someone has suggested I take lions mane to counteract some of the side-effects of anastrozole. However, when I read about it, it says the Lions mmane can increase oestrogen levels in my body. This concerns me as surely it contradicts the reason for taking the anastrozole, which is to strip the oestrogen from my body.

However, some of the alleged positive effects of lions mane make me tempted to give it a try. However, I can find little research to advise me whether it’s a good or a bad idea to take it with anastrozole.,

Has anyone tried it? Any advice?

  • Hi MissMolly

    I suggest that you ring your oncology nurse/oncologist and get their advice about lions mane before you consider taking it.

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  • Hi Daisy I did that and they just sent me lots of advice on supplements in general. Thanks for replying 

  • If it increases the oestrogen I wouldn't of thought a good idea. Maybe contact Macmillan nurses?

  • Hi MissMolly I just came across your post and am in exactly the same position with the same question.  I just wondered if you ended up getting any further advice from your medical team - did you take the Lion's Mane or not?  I have just bought some but am nervous about taking them for the same reasons you highlighted.   Thanks 

  • Hi I never did find a definitive answer so my packet of LionsMane remains unopened.i decided not to risk it x

  • I’d love information on this too! I’m really interested in medicinal mushrooms and they are used routinely alongside conventional treatments in many other countries, to enhance the beneficial effects of chemo and radiotherapy as well as to help reduce side effects. I think the UK is ‘behind’ in this respect. But I’m also too scared to take them without guidance. I wonder if the Penny Brohn centre in Bristol has any information on this? Will have a look, I’ve never been there as I’m several hours away but I’ve done some online sessions. Will watch this thread with interest. Xxx

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  • Thank you for the reply!  I have a feeling mine too will say in their box :(  I think many medical professional are reluctant to give definitive answers on things like this and prefer to point to you to your own research so you can make up your own mind. If they were to tell you it was ok and then there were disastrous effects it could lead to all sorts of repercussions.   x 

  • Hi  

    I have done a fair bit of research on Lions Mane and for me personally who had oestrogen positive breast cancer I have decided not to take it as one online source says: Taking Lion’s Mane extract can, in fact, stimulate the production of oestrogen.   Your situation may be very different so I guess it is for each of us to make their own decision but good luck!