Breast biopsies & Shoulder Pain

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Hi there,

I have posted on here before as I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago. 
I had two biopsies in my right breast just over two weeks ago and have been experiencing a nagging pain in my right shoulder blade and top of my right arm ever since.

Just wondering if this is fairly common after biopsies ?. My breast is also tender and I’m due to have a wire inserted on the 30th November. I’m having a wide local excision on the 1st December. I have DCIS in one area of my breast and IDC in another area of the same breast.

I feel very low and maybe I’m panicking for no reason, but the shoulder pain is worrying me. I’m also scared of the procedure and worried about the outcome. It’s just been a huge shock and I’m struggling to get my head around it all.

Would appreciate hearing from any of you lovely lot out there if you have had a similar experience xx

  • Hi, after biopsies on my left breast and my diagnosis, I too had shoulder pain. It continued through most of my five and a bit months of chemo and eventually my oncologist ordered an MRI just to check all was ok. It did show some general wear and tear to my rotator cuff which is what he put it down to. I wasn’t convinced as had never had any pain before the biopsies. After I had my surgery the pain disappeared. Whether it was anything to do with the biopsies or whether it was that I was holding lots of tension in that area I’ll never know. 

  • Thank you Pray for your reply. It has made me feel better that someone else has experienced something similar xx 

  • Hi, I've been having the same which seems to be since my biospy....and that was over a month  t seems to get worse when I do day to day stuff.... like typing on my phone now! It sometimes goes up my neck and across my collarbone aswell as my shoulder/ shoulder blade. Sometimes it feels like a dragging, burning or twisted muscle sensation.... So weird! My MRI showed lymph nodes clear, but my oncologist ordered a CT scan, even though he said unlikely linked to breast cancer. I spoke to another oncologist prior to starting chemo and she said could be inflammation or nerve damage. Anyway, will be happy when I get my CT results next week to put my mind at rest. Hope you feel better soon and totally understand what you're going through Xxx

  • Aww thank you for your reply. It’s reassuring that I’m not the only one with these symptoms. Hopefully it will improve in time Fingers crossedHope your pain improves soon xx 

  • Hi this was me exactly a year ago. I had pain after biopsy then surgery n radiotherapy but I’ve just had my mammogram results n they were satisfactory. I understand how scared you will feel it’s not nice but I hope you realise from my story that things can be positive. DCIS is the first sign n has a great chance of being cured hope you are ok x

  • I have had the exact same pain after a recent biopsy, only diagnosed on Thursday and getting head round need for a mastectomy. 

  • Hello, I'm new to the group and just been lurking so far, but thought I would just ask a quick question Valleyside, as there is a tiny chance it could help. Did you get a covid booster in your right arm a week or 2 before your biopsies? I only ask as my covid booster gave me issues for about 4 weeks after, and some of the aches didn't show for a couple of weeks. 

    I had a wide local excision with sentinal lymph node biopsy on Nov 7th. Its surreal isn't it, the knowledge of the diagnosis and the coming to terms with it all. I never go to my docs, let alone have a GA in hospital! I was terrified....but the hospital staff are fantastic, you will be very well looked after. 

    I'll probably pop up on other threads now from time to time....take care xx

  • Thank you for your reply. I’m having the same op as you had. It’s very reassuring to hear that there are women in the same boat. 
    I’ve had GA a couple of times before and it didn’t worry me. This seems a whole lot different. Good luck on your journey, guess we all need to stay positive and strong xx 

  • It’s worrying isn’t it. Hope everything goes well for you and wish you luck on your journey xx 

  • Thank you Pray for your positive reply. We all need to hear the positive outcomes xx