Treatment time ?

Hi lovelies 

I am freaking out a bit here ( what’s new ) about the time between diagnosis and and treatment starting 

officially diagnosed on 2nd feb , had CT and waiting on MRI because something showed on my liver Disappointed 

Have an oncology appointment on 8th March but it seems so far away ?! 
How long did you all wait for treatment to start after results were all back ? 
Love L xx

  • I was diagnosed on 1.12.20, started treatment on 22.01.21, so seven and a half weeks from first diagnosis to first treatment. Same as you, I was concerned about the time gap, but my cancer behaved itself, no issues as a result.

    If you have not yet heard regarding the MRI appointment, I would call the breast nurse and ask her to chase it up for you.

  • I had my first hospital visit on the 20th January, I have had 3 biopsies, the results did take 2 weeks. I have had my CT and bone scans.              I have my appointment with my oncologist on the 28th February

    I think it is taking a bit longer for an you because the have found something on your liver.

    I haven't received my results of my scans, but I know if they find something my oncologist visit will be put back, while they  investigate them. x

  • Diagnosed 17th Dec. Op 20th Jan. Oncologist yesterday 21st Feb. No date for chemo to start yet, approx 3 to 4 weeks time. They're just so busy

  • Once your results are back your treatment will start quite quickly, I think mine was 2 weeks after or there abouts x

  • Hi 
    Thanks for this , think I’m on roughly the same timescale as you 

    they’ve given me an oncologist appointment anyway , similar to you if something shows on mri they will adjust treatment  or whatever I guess 

    I feel like I’m trying to second guess everything , I drive myself bonkers 

    L xx

  • Thanks Anna 

    I just don’t understand why they don’t start hormone treatment immediately to stop the oestrogen production? ( like I’m an expert ) 

    How you doing ? 
    L xx

  • They are so busy aren’t they , awful Disappointed 

    hope you’re doing ok ? 
    L xx

  • Thank You 

    Glad your cancer behaved itself 

    BCN is chasing the mri for me , I’m just terrified 

    L xx

  • I’m just terrified 

    Yeah. The time between first diagnosis until all results are in is probably the worst, mentally speaking, as it is still so open to all the, "What if" questions. Once you have all the information and the exact treatment plan, hopefully that would help reduce the anxiety.

  • Got my plan just no start date. Stressing me out, waiting again!