My mum has cancer

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Hello I wonder if anyone can help, my mum was diagnosed with cancer in March this year and was put on steroids, she had a tumour on her chest wall and brain lesions aswel as body mets, so her oncologist gave her a 5 day aggressive radiotherapy treatment to her tumour and brain,that was in April, they cut mum's steroids down and she started losing her balance and started sleeping alot, so I called for an ambulance lastweek and when she got to hospital her oncologist did a ct scan and said that the cancer has grown and there's nothing more they can do? They can't offer anymore treatment?  My argument is that I told mum's oncologist that when mum had the radiotherapy and steroids cut down,her energy just went and she had nothing to boost her up? I'm really heartbroken about all this and I'm blaming the oncologist as he should of known better, has anybody got anything they can advise me as mum's treatment has stopped and all i want to do is see her get better. 

  • Hello Micky,

    It sounds like your mum's situation is very difficult. I certainly don't have all the answers but have had 2 secondary brain tumours removed and had specialist brain radiotherapy.

    You said that they cut down the steroids, is she on any steroids at all, the steroids reduce the swelling in the brain and so alleviate the symptoms she is experiencing, I only had the one tumour but the symptoms disappeared immediately for me. It sounds like your mum was given whole brain radiotherapy, I has stereotactic radiosurgery, sometimes referred to as cyber knife. There are only a few specialist hospitals in the country that offer it, I went to the royal Marsden. It didn't cure mine as it came back. When the oncologist said "it has grown", was it the brain Mets or the other sites as well. 

    Secondary brain cancer is very challenging both physically and emotionally and I found very frightening. It must be extremely difficult for you also. 

    The only advice I can really offer is to question the steroid dosage to help manage the symptoms. It might also be worthwhile phoning the Macmillan helpline as they might be able to offer advice on treatment, second opinions etc.

    I don't feel like I've been much help and wish I could give you more hope. Hang on in there and keep asking the professionals questions.


    Hope is my superpower
  • Hi mnb62,mum was diagnosed with cancer in March this year and was put on 8mg of dexamethasone twice a day, then in April she had the radiotherapy to her brain and tumour on her chest wall but by then her steroids were cut down to 4mg twice a day, 2 weeks after her radiotherapy her steroids were cut down again to 2mg twice a day and then a week later she started losing her balance and kept sleeping all the time and barely ate so I called an ambulance and when she got to hospital her oncologist did a ct scan and said that the cancer has grown in her brain and body, so then they have upped her steroids to 6mg twice a day, she slowly getting better but still sleeping alot and tolerating her food and meds, but I kept saying to her oncologist that if they hadn't cut her steroids down in the 1st place she wouldn't have gone downhill that fast and for the oncologist to say there's no more treatments made me more upset! Mum was atleast walking around and eating normally before she had the radiotherapy, so I'm seeking a second opinion and hopefully they can atleast keep the cancer from growing even more, my mum said she wants to try and that's good enough for me, it's just so hard seeing her like this, I can't imagine what she is going through and thinking everyday, but thank you for your reply, it did make sense and it has helped me.