Secondary brain possible return

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The last week has been really difficult. I had a recurrence of some language difficulties about ten days ago, same symptoms as before.

Currently waiting for the results of an MRI which feels like an eternity. Am hoping that surgery or SRS will be possible, just want to get on with it. Steroids are working and just managing to keep it together emotionally.

  • Hi . I'm not actually from this group, I just dropped in and noticed that you've not had a reply as yet.

    I'm sorry to see you've had recurrence of some language difficulties and meanwhile you're waiting for the results of a MRI scan. We all agree, on any forum here, the waiting for results is so exhausting. I hope you get the results through soon and surgery or SRS will be possible.

    Stay positive & keep walking. I had endless chats with my Jack Russell last year and he always gave me the answer I wanted.

    All the best, B x

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  • Thank you B. Everything has fallen into place today.

    Surgery is booked in for 18th August for third time lucky. Just hoping that this will do the job once and for all!

    What a journey, bowel op, 2 liver resections, 3 brain op plus everything else! Who would imagine it!

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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  • How are you getting on x