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Hi. Does anyone have any experience of immunotherapy? My dad started on Pembrolizumab a week back Thursday. Since then he appears to have gone downhill. He has to lie down most of the time to relieve the symptoms he has in his head. He is very unsteady walking and has no appetite and is barely eating or drinking. 
he has advanced lung cancer which has spread to his brain. One of the small cancer spots in the brain had swelling around it when he had his CT. steroids helps with the symptoms from this but he is only on a very small amount of steroids now so as not to interfere with the immunotherapy. Is it normal to still be feeling so poorly 11 days after the first treatment? 

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    I'm sorry to hear how poorly your dad is feeling after his immunotherapy treatment. I haven't had this but noticed that your post hadn't had any response yet.

    I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you also ask this question in the Lung cancer forum group, which I can see you're a member of, as I know there are several people who post there who are having immunotherapy.

    I hope your dad starts to feel better soon.


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    Hi Bobbinsa

    So sorry to read about your Dad. It sounds so similar to my poor husband. He had primary lung cancer, op successfully removed tumour & he was doing very well. Then he became unsteady & ct showed secondary brain mets. Unfortunately when he had Pembroilzumab he deteriorated rapidly, excruciating pain resulting in 13 horrific days in hospital with no visitors. We fought to get him home but like your Dad he had no appetite, couldn’t walk & very sadly passed away 12 days later.

    i urge you to seek a second opinion for your Dad as the immunotherapy & chemotherapy definitely made my husband very very ill.