Gamma knife

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Hi my name is Pete,

I have had gamma knife surgery with 4 other people the day of my first treatment. Staff great all the way through. Awful situation with this Covid on our own but not alone with other patients. Arrival, cat scan and decision to treat made. Mask fitted. 2 hour treatment planning by staff. Hot drinks provided but take sensible food because you have to nibble through the mask. 45 minutes treatment for most of us. Completed with not too many side effects. Felt warming effects and slowly increase headaches. Post treatment main symptoms the effects of the steroids trying to control swelling and bad headaches being affected by bright lights. A good eye mask is fantastic and darkening down of the room. Trying to walk each day. I have lost a stone in weight in the last month but not lost my appetite. The steroids give you a false sense of energy and when reduced extremely fatigued. Steroids will be increased for my next treatment this week. The steroids do help with swelling and gave me back my faculties and stabilised me. Must not get ahead of myself. Continued treatment will be reviewed on each time. Feel stable and walking every day with family to maintain leg strength. Good luck to every body keep me posted and I may see you at the gamma knife BRI. Thank you for the input I will post again PMA