12 lesions on brain

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I still haven’t seen my specialist but my gp has now told me I have over 12 lesions on my brain. Has anybody else had this many diagnosed? My poor babies. 

  • Hi Sammystaff,

    Not me personally, but Kris Hallenga the founder of Coppafeel has been living with incurable cancer for over 11 years and she has had over 50 brain lesions treated. I believe her brain mets are currently stable.

    I found this time in between diagnosis and being able to talk to my onc unbearable, I cried so much and dr google did not help! When I did see my onc it turned out my case had been discussed at the MDT and there had been a treatment plan worked out, I had surgery 2 weeks after diagnosis.

    Until you see your onc there are just too many possibilities. Your GP has access to your results but isn’t a specialist

    thinking of you 


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    Hi there, well I have greater than 20 mets apparently! Started on radiotherapy today but won't see my actually  consultant until 1st july. I found out after A&E visit and a 10 night stay to stabilise.

    Take care 

  • Wow have you not had an initial meeting with them at all? Do you know your plan and things then? 

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    Only spoke to the ward oncologist while I was in hospital it all happened very suddenly! He sorted the MDT meetings where they decided whole brain radiotherapy and booked me in for everything to start, I have appointment booked with my original consultant when it's complete where I'll know if any further treatment available!