Is there any hope for survival? Likely stage 4 brain mets

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I'm currently in the process of being diagnosed with stage 4 duodenum cancer. I've been having a ton of neurological symptoms recently including weakness down one side which is affecting walking, both eyelids have been gradually dropping and facial muscles are weak. I've also had severe pressure and a constant headache. I get blurry a lot especially when I lie down and pressure gets bad. I hear nothing good about brain metastases survival. Is there anyone out there that has survived more than a year? 

  • My husband Bill has survived 2 and a half years fom his intial diagnosis of a brain met. Primary cancer in the oesphagus .All I will say to you is brain mets,are very unpredictable and there is no way of knowing what will happen .Its best to get the symptons treated and be as positive as you can.Talk to your healthcare team and ring the Macmillian helpline we will all support you on here you are not alone good luck and take care .

    Granny Sue

  • I was diagnosed with brain mets in July 2017 (primary breast cancer) and have been no evidence of disease since my second round of SRS at the end of Jan 2019. 

    There is hope but as Granny Sue says brain mets are unpredictable. 


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    Hi Granny Sue 

    Thank you so much for replying 

    I'm so happy to hear your husband is still surviving 2 years later. Does he still have active brain mets?

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    Hi Katherine 

    That is great to hear you are doing well. I know it's all very unpredictable and of depends on the individual person and how they respond to treatment. I try not to get caught up on statistics. Survival rates are awful and give me no hope. 

  • my husband was diagnosed with Melanoma in July 2017 but they couldnt find the primary. It is in the lymph nodes under his right armpit and he has 3 mets in the brain. In Sep 2017, two of them got stereo tactic radiotherapy and have quiet since then! However, the third on has recently started to grow and he again got stereotactic radiotherapy on Feb 11. We are now waiting on an MRI to see how successful this has been. We hope to get that in the next couple of weeks.