NSCLC brain mets

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Hi, New to group & feeling lost in the journey!

My hubby diagnosed 4/10/19 with NSCLC at 59 years old.

He has 2 large tumours right lung and multiple on left. adrenal  glands & lymph nodes.  His MRI 20/12 showed 5 brain mets.

He has only had 3 sessions of Immunotherapy (keytruda) since diagnosis and 5 days full brain radio.

He has pneumonia at present, twice admitted to hospital in 2 weeks.

He is not responding to IV antibiotics at present, however, the doctor is being more honest than his oncology team.  He is too poorly for further treatment, yet no-one has discussed prognosis.

I can only take what I read and prognosis not good.

He is still struggling to breathe with 100% oxygen & has delirium.

DNR forms completed today & I’m broken.  I want his infection to clear, but current situation leaves me feeling pessimistic Cry

Appreciate any advice / experience that can help me through our toughest period yet.

One day at a time!!