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just to say the Proms and Barry manilow were fab-y-lous!  I had a great day although the stage was so far away it was like watching an ant with a red suit on - but it all sounded great.

i spent Sunday and Monday mostly asleep but did have a burst of energy today which was very welcomed!

hope everyone on this group is feeling well.  Gina do you know when you'll get results from whrt?  I've been told 8-12 weeks so I'm thinking early December.  I'm having a body scan in a couple of weeks to make sure my lungs are still clear so keeping everything crossed for a good results then.

Best to all

diana x

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    Hi Diana

    That does sound like an amazing night, glad to hear you enjoyed it and I am sure worth the energy zap to attend.

    I was scanned about 6.5 weeks after as they already had a plan to put me on chemotherapy and wanted a base marker of how it all looked before that. I was given results two days later so 7 weeks later (I have private medical insurance so things are a little quicker for me).

    I hope that helps and crossed fingers for all the scans for you.