Brain tumour, surgery or radiotherapy? Head spinning!!

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Hi, my 68 year old husband was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer,  nodules  inoperable., August 18. Diagnosis 1 year without treatment 2 with  Chemotherapy shrunk it enough for radiotherapy which shrunk it by half. After some sight issues,  fields test, head scan revealed he had lost half his sight in one eye and has a 4cm brain tumour  Put on steroids straight away. . Saw oncologist today  steroids doubled, treatment  surgery or 10 radiotherapy sessions. After the side effects of his previous treatments he dreads the same again. Surgery seems drastic, although he has Copd and had a heart attack, some years ago, consultant says he is fit enough. I have read comments on here, that some people are worse after radiotherapy . The oncologist didn't help a lot with helping him decide. My husband didn't ask for new prognosis so of l couldn't. Any advice please ? 

  • Hi Zumbafan, 

    Based on my experience I would say take the surgery then he can have the radiotherapy if necessary. 

    I have had the brain surgery twice and although it is obviously a serious op, I have found recovery time to be quick. My tumours were smaller than your husband, the first time I had 2 x 2cm lesions removed because it was 2 sites I was under for I think 5hrs. Last time it was just 1 site and I was only under for 2hrs.

    Did they suggest whole brain radiotherapy or stereotactic radiosurgery? I have had the SRS twice also, post surgery I have not had any long term side effects from this. From what I understand  it is WBT that causes the side effects. 

    I will say to provide some balance to this rosy portrayal that I am 39 and other than having stage 4 cancer in very good health! 

    Best wishes 


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    Hi  Katherine thank you for replying . No, oncologist didn't make it clear which. We are seeing oncologist this afternoon, l will certainly ask. I think husband is favouring rad but he has to decide today. He is in poor health without the cancer . Alll the best   Carole

  • Hi Carole, 

    Hope you got clearer info from the oncologist, good luck with whatever decision your husband makes

    katherine x

  • Hi Zumbafan, sorry for delay in response....we’ve been away. Have you made a decision? Just wanted to add to Katherine’s post that my husband had stereotactic radio surgery 15 months ago and he was only n for 20 mins and has suffered no ill effects and thankfully it got all the tumour which was just under 3cm. Good luck, hugs and Best Wishes. Dawn. Xx

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    Hi DFY, yes he decided surgery wasn't for him and went with WBT , currently had 3 of 10.  We know it will only shrink it. I just hope it doesn't effect him,  side effects  etc. I have read some disturbing stories. The steroids are being ruduced from tomorrow. I will be glad as he is getting irratted and snaps. I hope it is the steroids doing it and not the tumour  Apart from not sleeping well and a little short term memory loss he is usually OK. At the moment he is sitting in the front garden chatting to passes by. Making the most of the sun and each day. All the best  Carole 

  • Carole, I’m sure it’s the steroids, they affected Martin in the same way, thankfully it was short term. Love to you both... this can feel brutal,  but the mood swings bring the extra time with our loved ones and is so worth it, if the moments spent enjoying the garden and sunshine can be if you need to chat, rant or feel sorry.... big, big hugs, love and Best Wishes. Dawn. Xx

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    Hi, l am not very good tonight. Went with John to 4th  WBT  got home about 5, l always go with him. He wanted a Chinese takeaway . Now Friday is my only time out one hour of Zumba,picked up at 6.15..Chinese delivered  he was sitting in front garden didn't come in straight away so l put mine on plate and sat down to watch TV.,not wanting to be late. He eventually came in  plated meal then saw l hadn't put his folding table up in lounge.Moaning about me watching TV. By the time l left for Zumba he was so nasty to me  Back home 7.40 he was in bed. He's just got up  l asked him  are you in a better mood . What are you on about, he says. Steroids were reduced today, he doesn't sleep much. I have read this about this argression  Many have asked is it the radiotherapy, tumour or steroids ? He has never been easy going. I am afraid of what is ahead. 

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    Thank you Dawn. X

  •! Grumpy when we don’t fuss over them at the best of times, however now kid gloves are needed and deserved, though it’s difficult and hurtful when we are ‘the whipping boys’ it’s a time I remember the saying ‘it’s the ones you love that you hurt’. I too have times I do the things that give me space and time to be me.... and wish to reassure that it’s healthy for us...we need this to keep us strong for them. Understandable you feel upset because he was but please don’t stop being you, that’s what he loves about you, it reallly is this sodding disease that makes him/them suffer. Hugs,love and Best Wishes. Dawn. Xx

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    He has just come into bedroom and is OK with me but strange!! .l don't think he remembers being nasty. Thank you  it helps x