FBR and hair regrowth?

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Hi All

Hoping someone who has had or knows someone that has had full brain radiotherapy, how their hair came back through?

I had two surgeries in May so large shaved bits, then full brain radiotherapy July last year and then started September to Xmas chemotherapy. So I have some interesting styles, undercuts, to Gollum to bald.

I have worn a wig since and it is slowly coming back. However, I am unsure if it's because I wear the wig when out and about (I try and stick to hoods at home) if it's the full brain radiotherapy that is making it come back finer on the top where my parting usually is, or the wig making it weaker there. 

I am getting close to ditching the wig especially now the warmer weather is here and to try and encourage regrowth of my hair... but because it is thin and I am short people will really notice the difference and I look like an aging man going bald Disappointed

So if anyone can advise if they had this too and if it did finally come back through it would be appreciated. 

I may have to extend my bandana collection and experiment with various tying techniques as summer is coming and I would like to get out at some point to enjoy it Slight smile

  • Hi   Just giving your question a 'bump' Hopefully someone can help ?

    If not you could try posting or searching in the Main Brain Group.

    Take care, G n' J  (not Guernsey and Jersey ) Hugging

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    Hi, I had whole head radiation in October - hair just beginning to come back but very sparse.  Tumour also back so had further surgery beginning of March and am booked in for more radiotherapy starting 4th may so no doubt it will fall out again!  Can I ask what chemo they are giving you?  I’ve been told they didn’t think chemo was the best option for me

    take care

    diana x

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    Hi Diana

    Thank you for this. I am sorry to hear that you needed a further operation and radiotherapy. 

    I tried to look through for your primary diagnosis and type. I think you are also a lung cancer patient. 

    Often, some types of chemotherapy cannot get through the blood/brain barrier. I am unusual as I am a high grade large cell net and it behaves in aggression like SCLC.

    I was treated with carboplatin and etoposide (standard chemotherapy for SCLC) before this when I was wrongly diagnosed with NSCLC I had cisplatin/vinorelbine chemotherapy then swapped from cisplatin to carboplatin as cisplatin was very harsh side effects wise. It worked very effectively both times for me. After completing I was described as NED after the brain tumours returning quickly after surgery, I had FBR followed by chemotherapy and now I am on immunotherapy.

    I hope this helps you and good luck for your radiotherapy.