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Hi all my dad is currently having full head radiotherapy and he has developed a really sore mouth, I know this is usual for the treatment but we are looking for recommendations that work to ease it?? I will try and speak to a dr on Monday but it’s hard to talk to one at the moment. So please if anyone has any advice we would appreciate it. My dad seems slightly down today. Thanks all 

  • He should have been given a script for a mouthwash think it is called oriflame that might be wrong .But ice lollies icecream icepops are good .He might be up and down and there could be side effects tiredness would be one .There are others on this forum who have had this kind of radiotherapy Im sure they will advise you .My Bill didnt have full brain radiotheraphy .He had the stereothatic radiotherapy .Mostly he seemed to get chest infections after and extreme tiredness .Everyone is different especially when the problem is in the brain but a  lot of people seem to do quite well and outlive prognosis.Hope this helps and good luck.

    Granny Sue

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    Oh thank you so much for ur positive reply. I will definitely ask about the mouth wash. It’s such a horrible disease to be going through and we just need to make it as easy for him as possible. But honestly thank you your reply has sent us some positivity. Sending U and ur family well wishes xxx

  • Hi , had whole brain radiotherapy so I'm tagging her in case she has anything else to add.

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