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Hi my mum  had a very large tumour removed from the back of her head at the end of November. Her primary cancer is bowel cancer. She has recovered well initially from the surgery but seems to have gone down hill lately she is really struggling with her balance and walking. And she has shaking hands and struggles with Co ordination in the way of eating she drops her food alot. I was just wondering if this is something which is just a effect from surgery and will eventually get better or is she going to be like This forever. Before the surgery she was a very fit and healthy active woman even while having chemo for her bowel cancer she has never really been ill until after this surgery. I know it is a huge operation and we are constantly with her but just wanted to try get any info from anyone who may have been through something similar. Thanks x

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    None of us,are medics, so I think you'd b better posting this in "Ask an expert". Please allow 2 working days for someone to answer. Sorry to say this at what must b a stressful time for you .

    Or have you perhaps contacted your cancer nurse specialist- if u have one - to  ask them?

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    Hi stacey,  I had brain surgery to remove a tumour at the back of my head in November 2018. I too struggled with my balance, concentration and memory.  Although I still have weakness in my left side and a shaky left hand, things have definitely improved,  albeit slowly. I too had trouble with the food,  but have slowly learned to adapt. Please stay in touch if you need any more info and I will try to help if I can.  Best wishes to your mum