Brain Tumour

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Merry Christmas everyone. I have a terminal brain cancer started about four year ago. All I remember is the chemo was not working sitting With consultant family etc saying that I did not want to pursue the chemo because it was not working and he giving me 3 months to live. That was nearly four years ago, the cancer has robbed me of at least 15 years of memory etc.  I don’t remember how bad I was , being in hospital just being told 3 months to live. Still going and my son had twins while I was in hospital, so looking forward to Xmas with them. Got pictures of me holding them in hospital with me having tubes etc, no memory. My wife has left blaming me for spending money got know memory of it, I think she has used this so it doesn’t look bad on her for leaving me. I am 60 years very wobbly went walking , had to retire because of cancer . I got a catheter, got help of caregiver and lovely family. Part of me wants to understand why she got me to this stage and left me. I am sure living past the 3 months put a spanner in her wheel. 
We have sold the family home , now living on my own in a lovely 1 bed flat. Lucky at the moment can look after and cook for myself. Life is hard at times being on your own for long periods of the day. Like I said got three lovely grown up kids and five lovely grandkids with my youngest just announced that she is pregnant. Finding life has been turned upside down but hopefully the new year will bring me some happiness.

All for now.