Getting use to cancer diagnosis

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Good afternoon reading everyone stories about either living with or support someone with cancer is very valuable for me. My journey started five years ago but as said before no memory of how it started because my tumour has robbed of memory hearing and very unstable. Everyone says what grade and name I have no memory, all I can either remember was sitting with consultant who at the give me three years two years later still here. Wife over thirty years has left , I think because I outlasted the sell by date. 
At present looking to move two a 1 bedroom flat to start a new life chapter and got a new partner called cancer. At times she very dependable as I know what is coming, but also very annoying as she will hit me somewhere new. 
Starting to get used to living on my own, luckily I always like cooking, now with air fryer got a new partner . Moving is hard trying find somewhere but got three lovely children working hard to fine the right place.

But putting my story on here and reading others stories am not the only one going through this.

Also I’ve five lovely grandkids who are my world and give me extra reasons to get stronger and see them grow up.

Thats all for know but I hope anyone with new girl friends get stronger and live a new life. Plus all the ones supporting someone with cancer keep strong and supportive. Because at this time we need more than anything else.