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Good Afternoon all

Just sending a quick shout out to everyone.  I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma in 2010 and went through surgery to remove.  Unfortunately this isn't the end for me as enough cells were left that it grew back so I am now undergoing an exhaustive 30 sessions of Radiotherapy/surgery to stop the cells from getting any bigger.  Just over halfway through treatment now and suffering headaches, eye sensitivity and exhaustion but can't complain other than that.  The radiology team is so supportive so can't complain about my care.  I am just pleased that I am not having to undergo surgery again but assume that it will be a life long struggle.  Anyway thanks for listening to my rambling, hope everyone else are coping with their treatment plans/diagnosis.

Take care

  • Hi I am at the beginning of my journey I have adhd but around 3 months ago I began having fits nausia vomiting dizziness severe headaches weakness in body fatigue pains in body slurred speech and there are other symptoms I’m awaiting see a neurologist I’m getting very anxious as it’s supposed be a urgent appointment still no letter I’m so frightened and scared I feel it’s cancer that’s in my brain and throughout my body the appointment carnt come quick enough now