Brain tumour

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My memory has been wiped for about the last 15 years. My children tell me that it started about five years ago kept coming home work feeling and being sick. Diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer sorry but cannot remember full name. Was explain to me and family like my brain is being covered in little spots. Apparently they operate to remove one area, then give me 3 months to live. That what I remember the consultant getting all family together and explaining what the cancer was and he reckons three months, that was over two years ago. Wife thought to get me home apparently i been in hospital for five months. No memories of that time other then pictures etc. To beat that chemo didn’t work so now on lots of pills to null pain and double vision. Now after lots of scans etc he reckons it’s in remission. He says it will come back he doesn’t know when but when it does it will take me.  So living with that and know after 45 plus years of marriage wife has left me. Coming up with some bullshit knowing that i cannot remember. Now looking for to move after house is sold and need something smaller. Good news am getting stronger starting to remember my cooking skills. My family are being brilliant and five grandchildren keep me going. Unfortunately cannot drive with my condition and walking etc is getting better as I get stronger. I miss my wife and she won’t even answer calls or text. Finding this bit is hard , I feel she has made up her story so when she tells people her story it doesn’t look so bad for her leave in a husband with my condition. So that’s my story life now is for my three children and five grandkids.

Now looking for a one bedroom flat to rent and start new chapter. Plus build a new memory and hopefully spoil my family and grandchildren until it comes back. That is my story at the moment the night are worse when the part that’s still working goes into overdrive thinking about my wife and getting used to how my life is now.

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