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Hi I am Pati My 50 yr wife has been newly diagnosed with high grade Astrocytoma( Grade 3 as of now on preliminary histology report,) but waiting for final report which can say 50/50 chance of either Grade 3 or Grade 4.

Can anyone help to explain to me in which condition of brain tumour can we claim terminal illness cover from Insurance company.

Does it have to be glioblastoma or grade 4 Astrocytoma also qualifies for that purpose?

It would help me if you share your situation and how to do it?Is it difficult process?

thank you

  • Hi, I'm in exactly the same position, waiting on other results I was pregnant with my son when my tumour was found so no biopsy could be done, we only found out it was high grade once I had surgery after he was born, we were able to able critical illness just because I had surgery before we had confirmation it was cancerous. Unfortunately like most things the claim took ages with requests for doctors reports being delayed etc so it might be worth starting now, we called the insurance company and they honestly told us if we could make a claim. If you took the insurance out through a broker, it might be worth asking them to handle the claim, as its a stressful process and only just finding out, everything is very raw for you both. Macmillian can talk you through benefit claims aswell. 

  • HI Pati

    a warm welcome to the group. So sorry to hear about what you are going through.

    We had critical illness cover for my husband who was diagnosed GBM4 in Sept 2020. The insurance company asked me to submit a claim form, documentation from the medical team and then assessed the claim from there. Whether they pay out or not will depend on the T&Cs of the policy you have in place. Might be worth a call to the company

    The forms we had were really straightforward so i hope the ones you need to tackle are as easy

    I hope this has helped. Remember you can also call the MacMIllan helpline below for support and guidance.

    sending you love and light and hugs

    Wee Me xx

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

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    Thank you for your input.Appreciated.

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    Thank you very much.It is helpful.

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  • Hi Pati,

    So sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. I am too in the same position. My wife was diagnosed with a grade 3 astrocytoma but further histology tests showed this to be now a grade 4 as there was a 0.4 out of 1 chance that a deletion gene was missing so they must assume it is missing. We are going through the terminal illness claim, consultant has written his report and it has been referred to the insurance medical officer ~ how did you get on with your claim? Did the histology report confirm grade 3 or 4?