Dying hair after radiation

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I’ve tried to search but can’t seem to find any information. Does anyone know How long I have to wait before I can dye my hair after radiation to my brain? I’ve not had chemo and my operation was nearly 2 months ago. 

thanks in advance! 

  • HI Shellbell24

    oh good question! 

    Not an issue we had with G after his radiotherapy as he shaves his head but I've done some basic research and the general consensus seems to be a few months to give time for the skin on your scalp to recover from the impact of the radiotherapy. G only lost hair around his scar line during his 6 weeks of treatment. It quickly grew back but it grew in a different colour- dark where before he was fair/gray.

    This is not my area of expertise so I would strongly suggest you check with your CNS just to be safe here.

    I'm sure some of the other members of the group will add their thoughts here too.

    sending you love and light and hugs

    Wee Me xx

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  • My thoughts would be immediately so long as not  irritating scalp and the dyes contains no metals as the mri wouldn’t like that

  • My thoughts would be immediately so long as not  irritating scalp and the dyes contains no metals as the mri wouldn’t like that

  • Would a skin test help? But I’m sorry I don’t have a clue. I’ve been lucky and not lost any permanent hair but have actually started to lose my strawberry blonde ( not ginger lol ) bit of white and fading in one spot not near my chemo point. Hope you find an answer but like some say. Your scalp maybe a bit sensitive for the moment

  • Hi   I decided against dying my hair in the end. After radiation my hair where the site was started falling out so I have a bald patch. Frustrating as my hair was getting to a good length after chemo!

    my hair went really grey after chemo but grew out and my natural colour came back (auburn not ginger lol)  so hopefully yours will come back too! 

  •  Most of mine grew back  it’s just fluffy now lol and yes auburn is nice anyway I’m in between the straw and the auburn

     hope you’re doing well and please do chat as it helps you and helps us all x

  •  Ignore the curls  I’ve only just got up lol  lazy Sunday

  • Hi   j I love the curls, I never got the chemo curls (unless yours was curly before anyway?) I finished my chemo in March (was for breast cancer) so they shaved part of my hair for the op which looks very similar to yours and the hair obv grew back quite quickly until I had radiation and it fell out again! 

    how long has it been between both photos? It’s growing back really well!

  • I think (don’t quote me lol)  3 months. My memory is like cheese Cheese  yea thank you it’s not bad. If I remember I’ll post my head in 3 months again lol

  • Please do! I was so upset when I lost my hair I didn’t take any photos. This is mine after the op and you can see how long and thick my hair had got!