Thank you.

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I am so overwhelmed by the kind and understanding responses. I wanted to reply personally to the latest response but can't work out how to so I apologise.  

I do realise I need emotional support,  not an easy thing to admit.  We are at the hospital on Tuesday and I am going to ask if I can get some counselling.  Such a horrible scary sad situation.  God bless you all. And thank you from the bottom of my heart.  HeartPray

  • I'm glad your asking for some counselling this as you say is a horrible, sad and scary situation we are in. For me I still feel in shock as there were no warning signs of illness and I miss the days when I woke up feeling happy and looking forward to the future. 

    Keep me updated on treatment and your counselling hearing from others going through the same is so helpful. 

    No need for thanks here, just strangers thrown together for the saddest of reasons but drawing strength from each other. Its good to be in touch with people who really understand, family and friends are great so supportive but it's so different when your the ones it's happening to. 

    Stay strong xx

  • We had a " normal " evening yesterday ,drank some wine and listened to some music, our normal weekend prior to this devastating diagnosis.  It felt good. We are going to try to repeat it. X

  • Hi think we are on a similar time scale nearly 2 weeks onto treatment so far up and down but OK. Wondering how things were with you. X

  • Sounds likevwe are. 

    My husband was due to start treatment today, when we got to the radiotherapy department as he hadn't taken his chemo tablets they couldn't start ! Nobody you'd us he should take them before! 

    So we go back again tomorrow.  I hope it goes well for you x

  • So ! We went along to an 8.30 appointment.  Was a bit delayed,  not a problem.  I asked to see the pharmacist and have all the medication explained to me, not what it does , but when to give it. My husband started vomiting,  the pharmacist asked if he had taken antisickness tablets , again nobody had explained this to us.... he was wonderful and sorted my husband out. We are so exhausted emotionally and physically.  Is this lack of communication unusual. I wish someone had told me all the things I needed to ask. Praying day 2 will go better.  

  • Ah bless you both sounds like a real lack of communication on the hospital part. My husband is 2 weeks into treatment. The morning is a bit of a tablet regime - anti sickness, 1 hour later chemo, one hour later breakfast. We have alarms set for 5.30, 6.30 and 7.30 so not to miss any of these.

    My husband has found having a substantial breakfast settles the tummy and when he has felt nausea taken more of the anti sickness as directed.

    Drinking plenty of fluids and keeping off caffeine seem to help too. 

    We now seem to be at the stage where he is starting to feel really tired too. 

    I hope things soon settle for you both. Let me know how things go.


  • Thank you. 

    As we have early appointments ( 8am) it's difficult.  After the sickness passed today he just wanted to eat everything.  

    In reality we are not coping very well with the whole thing and these " lack of communication " incidents are making it worse. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully thanks to the pharmacist it will be better  x

  • Wow that's early do you have far to travel? Things are tough hang in there and hopefully things will settle for you. X

  • About  10 miles, not sure why I asked for early appointments! Maybe I was thinking get it done and do other things in the day?.. You are right it is very early days. I just feel so sad and so frightened of losing my lovely husband. Xx

  • Could you ask tochange appts my husband had one early one in the first week and that was his worst day he felt too rushed. 

    It's so hard trying to be strong for them all the time while your world falls apart. 

    We are trying to do things around treatment but sometimes he is so uncharacteristically short tempered it breaks my heart. 

    Good to chat with others in same situation.