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Hi I’m new here. My husband got diagnosed 8 years ago with an anaplastic oligoastrocytoma. He’s doing well physically but mentally is as a family are struggling. I am looking into counselling we have tried Macmillan during covid but need something either as a couple of even family as we have children. 
many one have any they can recommend would be helpful. 
thank you 

  • HI TM27

    a warm welcome to the group. Sorry to hear about your husband and all that your family are going through.

    You say you've already spoken to MacMillan before but it may be worth another call to explain the further support that you need. The telephone number is below.

    Have you spoken to your GP? I know our local GP can refer families to our local hospice for counselling and support. He/she may be able to suggest something local that could help you all.

    For now stay strong. Take things one step at a time. Sending you a huge virtual hug.

    Love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm