Hair loss through radiotherapy

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I started my radiotherapy for a grade 3 tumour 3 weeks ago. I have shoulder length hair and was advised to keep it long as I could potentially hide it with a small scarf so it still looked like I had hair. I had surgery in November so have a big scar that goes across the top of my head so I've been wearing a small scarf for a while. 

Last weekend my hair loss started and I have literally lost all the hair on the top of my head, and only have what's left at the side. I have two young children under 5 and they have both handled this really well. I'm just thinking about going forward after the radiotherapy has finished. It feels ridiculous having a completely bold head and all this hair at the sides. I can only describe it as like a monk. I'm considering just buzz cutting what I have left and having much shorter hair on the sides and then having a wig after radiotherapy and then hopefully if my hair grows back OK, having it styled into a pixie cut. I'm on chemo at the same time and will be for 6 months after but that doesn't cause hair loss. I'm just wondering what other women have done and if it helped, coz once I've cut it off, it's done with. I just feel like I'm exaggerating my hair loss. I wear a full head scarf when out and about any way as a small scarf won't cover it. 

I know in the sceme of things this is a small matter but it's the first physical sign (especially for my children) that something is wrong with me. 

Many thanks 

  • HI reallife36

    I can't comment on what other women do here as its my husband I'm supporting through his stage 4 brain tumour journey. Also he was quite bald on top to start with and kept the rest shaved short. He too though had a wide strip of hair loss as a result of the radiotherapy that grew back in quite quickly once the treatment had stopped. However, it grew back a different colour. He's  a dark blonde/grey else where but now has a much darker stripe on one side.

    Our hair is such an important part of who we are so I get your concerns entirely. I lost between 30-50 per cent of the volume of my own hair about 11 years ago through stress related anaemia and was so anxious at the thought of bald patches in the thinner areas, especially at the front. I grew out my fringe at the time and that helped. I also wore my hair back in a headband for a long while too to cover the thin part at the front.

    There are some fabulous wigs out there. I have a friend who wears one just because she hates her own hair. Have fun with it. Add some colours that you might not feel brave enough to try normally. Might help the kids too. Just a thought.

    I'm sure other members of the group will be along shortly to share their thoughts and experience. 

    Love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

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