Colon Cancer - Scared out of my mind

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Hi Guys ,

I am new here but struggling to cope with my current health situation 

I have been suffering a bit from red blood in my stool 

this isn’t constant but will appear now and then and being 41 i thought i better  get it checked out (i have had similar back in 2021 but fit test was ok)

Had a FIT test done two weeks ago and it came back last week with a score of 43 - i lost my mind but also shouldn’t of been surprised considering the day before i had blood in my stool ?

I had my bloods done which all came back normal and i am now in process of booking a colonoscopy 

Ive always suffered from IBS and was thinking this could be a part of my issue , however all these referrals for cancer have made me lose my mind with worry 

Am i correct that there is also a chance that this could be something else and vast majority of referrals do not end with a cancer diagnosis? 



  • Hi Luke, had my 1st colonoscopy in Sept for same reason, a bit of blood. The gastro was so good that he knew by just looking at the polyp 2.5 cm, it was cancerous. Hopefully, you'll have a real smart guy who'll know immediately too. He didn't say it was right then because the histology had to be done but he did call a surgeon bfr I left to tell him it was urgent, surgery. Maybe with ur IBS, it'll be different. Anyway, hope it works out well, you are really young!! THAT'S good tho too fight whatever is going on in your body. Stick around Luke!

  • Thanks Gab

    Have you heard from people on this forum, where it isn’t cancer ?

    My doctor said 1 in 10 only end up with cancer diagnosis 

    I feel sick with worry and can’t stop crying inside when i’m with my wife and son 

    I don’t want to leave them just yet

  • Hi  There’s lots of people on here who’ve had positive fit tests and no cancer diagnosis and 43 is pretty low - have a look at the post below

    Your doctor is correct in saying that only 1 in 10 results in a cancer diagnosis. There are a lot of other things that can cause blood in the stool such as crohns, diverticulitis, colitis, ibs etc. but always best to get checked out.

    Hope you get an appointment through soon and please keep us posted?

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Actually I haven't Luke, I just joined about 10 days ago but there's tons of info and cases here so keep looking...1 out of 10 is a great start!!! ;)

  • Thank Karen 

    I will keep you updated, just need up try and navigate the next few weeks with high anxiety 

    I so wished i was a guy who could not overthink 

  • Hi Luke. Take a look at my post about controlling anxiety and panic. There are a couple of links on there and the videos by the guy on Youtube are very informative and helpful. If the one linked to doesn't apply to you take a look at his other videos on anxiety attacks. Hope you find it helpful

  • I am 6 weeks post op for lower rectal cancer. My anxiety was through the roof as after my colonoscopy I new there was a cancer. Various scans to double check told hopefully it was within safe margins it was stage 3. All removed histology shows no spread. I had to have ileostomy but should be reversed. All good. I was thinking the worst as I am just 5 years clear from breast cancer. Just hope no other little blighter pops up somewhere. Be positive even a cancer diagnosis is not the worst I am here to tell my tale.