Fit test score 28 .

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Hello everyone, is a score of 28 high ? I have had a little bit of a problem with finding Bright red blood in my stool just a little bit very sparse . 
I did a fit test on a stool that I had straining with and it had a little blood on it would this effect the score ? . Does a fit test pick up visible blood has well has occult blood ? 
I am having a colonoscopy next week . 

  • Try not to panic. Blood in your stool can be as benign as piles. From memory a fit test picks up any trace of blood. I had a test before a colonoscopy, which then lead me to have one. I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t Google anything. There is so much misinformation out there that you could frighten yourself for no reason. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi Bobsleigh

    28 is low - 120 μgHb/g is positive result threshold for general screening, but 10 μgHb/g the threshold for further investigations if symptoms present just to be safe.

    I think the stats last year were something like only 1 in 10 with positive FIT tests end up being cancer.

    To give you context, the top band for FIT results is >400 μgHb/g. In this band there was a 1 in 4 chance of cancer.

    The test aims to pick up any blood present, visible or not.

    I'd always recommend following up with your healthcare professionals. While their digit (finger) inspections can sometimes identify simple reasons, a colonoscopy or flexi sigmoidoscopy are most thorough and safest way to get definitive results quickly.

    Good luck with your scope.

  • Thanks for this information jools much appreciated. I was a little confused has to the fit test results and if fit only picked up occult blood not visible blood . Because I am sure when I did a stool that morning I strained and has a result my stool had bright red blood on it and I wanted to know if this could be responsible for the reading.

  • thank you very much for the information wow 28 compared to 400 there is a massive difference looking at it that way . I understand it better now . So because I reported visible blood in stool it flagged up for further investigation …any symptoms reported over 10 cut of point have got to be put through has an emergency 2ww investigation.

  • Hi, apologies in advance for seeming thick. I’m trying to understand the figures quoted above, could you explain the 120 and 10 thresholds further? Am I right in assuming the 120 threshold relates to the 2 yearly screening tests and figures above this triggers a positive result? Seems high? How does the lower figure of 10 fit in? Many thanks

  • You’re not being thick. I know that anything 10, or less doesn’t usually trigger further investigation. I have a friend whose score was 12, so they did regular “poo tests”. The consultant saw her and they agreed not to go any further as her score was consistent, so maybe that’s normal for her. I’ve not heard of 120.

  • Hi Chris A

    The NHS standards appear to have 2 thresholds.

    For people with no symptoms and just doing general age related screening, the trigger level (in England) is 120.

    However, if at any age you have symptoms and a score of 10 or more, the recommendation is further investigations.

  • Now you got me worried with my score of 28 you will remember me ? I had a little blood in stool and I had a fit test of 28 ,,,,,

  • Bobsleigh

    Please don't worry. Your score is still low. Some of us had scores over 400.

    It is right to get reason for blood checked. Stats show most positive FIT tests are not cancer. But if it was, catching it early is key - so I'd look it at that by investigating now you are doing the best for your success. A bit like us servicing our cars and getting things checked

  • Thanks Pray really appreciate that .