Appendiceal Mucocele

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Hello everyone

I’m 56 and have been diagnosed with an appendiceal mucocele having been admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis in early April. A CT scan showed a large mass on my bowel, which cleared following aggressive IV and oral antibiotic treatment over 10 days including 5 days as a hospital Inmate. A colonoscopy confirmed the mass had gone. I then heard nothing so chased up only to be rushed through for an appointment with the colorectal consultant within 3 days of my call to the consultant’s secretary. This then was followed by an appointment for surgery with two weeks of the consultation. 7 days to go….Meanwhile, the wait is difficult and the discomfort from my appendix grows a little every day. However, the wait has helped me to finally realise that this is not classic ‘appendicitis’ but rather a tumour of the appendix. I’m quite anxious about the surgery as I’ve been told they don’t know what to expect to find until they go in. I’ve been warned that I may need a portion of my bowel removed along with the appendix. A portion may turn out to be a third of my bowel. I appreciate all eventualities must be discussed; however, I don’t seem to be able to even consider that this might have a good ending for me. My brother died from pancreatic cancer 4 years ago aged 54 and my dad died of oesophageal cancer aged 60. So it’s hard to not assume the same result for myself! The information I have read go from excellent case studies where all is well to rather grim accounts of debulking surgery due to PMP. What also worries me is that one doctor told me my appendix had been leaking. This appears to not be a good sign with appendiceal mucocele cases with 85% of leaking appendiceal micocele cases being malignant.

Has anyone on here had a similar situation with appendiceal mucocele? I’d love some advice on how to cope with the uncertainty. 

  • Hi  

    Firstly a big welcome and I want to wish you every success with your survey .

    I can totally understand your concern with your relatives outcomes but I sincerely hope you have successful surgery and can put this in your rear mirror .

     Appendix Cancer - Goblet Cell adenocarcinoma 

    Just wondered if connecting with some long term survivors might help . The lady at the bottom of this thread makes some helpful suggestions.

     Controlling anxiety and panic
    Some resources here on dealing with the fear that accompanies the waiting . A patient once said to me to keep your mind where your body is and don’t let it escape to the worst case scenarios . 
    Keep the positives stories at the forefront . And reread them everytime you feel Uncertainty getting the upper hand . My mum was a difficult prognosis but surgery and chemo turned that around and she is still here with resections to her liver , lungs and bowel but all have continued to work well despite that and she has lived like this for the last 15 years and that’s a long time in anyone’s life .

    Take care ,


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  • Thank you for your reply, Court. It’s good to hear a positive story!

    I’ll take a look at the information you shared. Slight smile