Palbociclib, Letrozole and Zoledronic Acid

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is anyone on the above 3 meds? Wondering how you are coping? My oncologist offered this the other day, I have no change from CT and I’m wondering why, also what it’s like?

he did say research shows that it will help, I’m ok and no change with breast cancer and secondary bone….from recent CT.

im currently on Anastrozole and Zoledronic Acid?

im thinking 4 week blood tests before Palbociclib , and 12 week blood tests before ZA. I have one arm for bloods!? Do I want more chemo….


  • Hi I had been taking Palbociclib, letrozole and zoledronic acid for nearly 4 years for secondary bone cancer. I didn't have a problem with it at all. The only side effect was hair thinning but a small price to pay for keeping my bone mets under control. Its just one tablet for 21 days and 7 days off. I am a bit surprised you were not on them in the begining of your treatment plan as most people are put on them right away with a diagnosis of secondary cancer, but i am no oncologist.I have gone onto a new chemo now but i was fine on them. Hope this helps

  • Wow thanks  I feel a bit better. 
    my previous onccologist told me that as tamoxifen was working no change needed. Deb 2020 changed that. Same onc gave me info to think on re Pab & let but prescribed anastrozole with no mention of previous meds he suggested!

    new onc said due to research I should think about P&L and concern from me was the blood tests as I only have one arm for bloods and bp…

    how did you manage bloods for each infusion/ tablets?

    thanks and been reading your bio…

  • OHH my bio will keep you up at nights haha, The bloods were not a problem its one blood test once a month, taken when you have your 7 day break. I only have 1 arm that can be used for bloods and blood pressure as do most breast cancer patients honestly not a problem. Letrozole and Palbociclib are both in tablet form so infusion needed easy really. 

  • sorry just read again NO INFUSION needed tables only

  • Ok. 
    id still like others to comment on these 3 drugs and how to manage them all?



  • Hi wino..I like the name I’m about to start palociclib and letrozole as ribociclib caused liver enzymes to increase. I can see you stayed on it for a few years..that’s good to know.

     I’m only a year in from bombshell diagnosis but I hope your new treatment works for you…I always think the longer we are here the more chance of new treatments coming along once one stops working!

    take care and hope the se are not bad for you 

  •    let me know how you get on with the bone strengthener, Palbociclib and Letrozole. . Is the bone strengthener tablet or infusion?

    thanks Jay

  • I’m starting palociclib in march but not yet starting bone strengthening stuff which I think is an injection called denusabe?

    I’ll keep you posted

    take care

  • Hi

    i have been on Palboclib Letrozole and donesumab injection for 2 years now with the only side effect thinning hair. 
    just had my latest scan and still stable so carrying on with the same meds 

    hope that helps

  • Thanks  

    the thought of a change of meds again makes me feel anxious, and had chemo a while ago so know how it feels. Maybe Palbociclib isn’t as bad.

    zoledronic Acid is given through a cannula with a blood test before that happens.

    my hairdresser advised a shampoo and conditioner to help with thin hair and although more expensive it lasts for months!

    appreciate your comments