Struggling with. Chemo

Hi, I was diagnosed in December with SCC right tonsil, but, unusually it has migrated to my bones, so have the disease through a lot of my body. 
I had my first chemo 4 weeks ago cisplatin & 5Fu, so pretty heavy stuff! I struggled through the first two weeks suffering severe nausea, so not eating or drinking, a vicious circle. Ended up back being rehydrated. Slowly turned corner sufficiently just for 2nd dose! 
Which I had last Friday, find myself back in the same situation yet again, just marginally better as they tweaked my dose by 12%. 
But the severe nausea is the main problem! 
Has anyone got any ideas as to how I might be able deal with this better?

it has all knocked me for 6, with weight loss, loss of muscle lethargic, difficult to get motivated, this despite great support from friends and family! Really find it a tough struggle!! Thanks 

  • HiDashers

    I've got T3 stomach ulcer and also T3 Prostate cancer 

    Had my 1st chemo 13 days ago. It's was the FLOT,  Fluroracil AKA 5FU, Oxalplatin and one other chemo drug. 

    Yes I felt very tired,lethargic, some days worse than others. It's a strange sensation. I kept myself busy. , triedto stay positive. I had increased irritability,  so i had to count to 20 instead of the usual ten!

    I read up and researched as much as possible so the the little side effects came as no surprise, I was expecting them!

    My best wishes to you 


  • Thanks Joe, I prepared myself for most of the side effects, except the nausea has hit with a sledgehammer! Difficult to do anything else when it is so all consuming, but keeping positive and hope it will improve Thumbsup. I’m pleased you are able to manage your symptoms, stay strongThumbsup