My hubby has bone mets from prostrate cancer diagnosed 6 months ago . He still has no feeling from the chest down and is numb. He can walk but uses crutches. He is having hormone injections every 28 days and chemotherapy every 3 weeks via iv. Has anyone else suffered this ? Our consultant has no explanation for this as all MRI scans are clear around the spinal chord . Many thanks 

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to read that your husband has no feeling from his chest down. It must be extremely distressing for both you and your husband especially as his consultant has no explanation for this.

    I don't have the experience you're looking for but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. Responding to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list.

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  • Hi Ferret1385,

    im so sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis and suffering. My husband is stage 4 bone and lung mets from prostate cancer diagnosed last September 21. A young 71. I’m 58 and feel you emotional pain and share your anguish. 

    I can’t imagine what it’s like for both of you with the numbness, disability AND pain to deal with. Sending you much love.
    May I ask if you have details of pathology of his cancer. It is as you explain very aggressive by the sounds of it. My husbands is also aggressive ductal adenocarcinoma and is very rare. So rare I’m struggling to talk to anyone with it. I was wondering if you know the pathology/type of his original tumour at all?

    you are in my thoughts…

    Louli x

  • Hi , his diagnosis was prostrate cancer in the left side leaving the right side clear . This has metastasis  to his spine , sternum, shoulder ribs and hips . His PSA was over 2900 which  is extremely high. After monthly hormone treatment this is now 51 . We don’t expect it to lower any further . He has his last chemo cycle on 14.4 and then he has a rest . 
    I am anxious about the future and want to make memories with our children but he is very low in mood and lacks motivation. 
    I hope this helps a little . I find this site keeps me going and helps me understand x x 

  • Thank you… yes memories are very important and Im sure you have many many from your family life together… 

    with the better weather and a little rest from the chemo as you say, im sure there’s lots of local places that won’t be too taxing for him.

    You will get through this and out the other side one day. I don’t know where we get the strength but we do. The support network of friends, family and Macmillan will definitely helo you through. Thinking of you all.



  • Hi Ferret1385, I was diagnosed 12 months ago, with Advanced Prostrate Cancer with bone mets in my lower spine, lymph Nodes and left adrenal glands 2 weeks before my diagnosis  I had severe pain on my right hand lower body and found it difficult to walk, a week later this changed to numbness in my left side from the whole buttock down to my left knee, a year later it is still there, my oncologist has said it could be the cancer on my spine pressing on the sciatic nerve.

    Have you asked the guys on the Prostrate Cancer forum, we are there for you we are all in the same club and have suffered many different symptoms ( give it a try )

    Take Care 



  • Thank you Chris , I will take your advice and ask on that forum too . I guessed it was pressing on the sciatic nerve as I have a prolapsed disc with similar numbness . Hubby is struggling with mobility due to this but the use of his crutches does help . 

    I’m wishing you all the best x