Secondary bone cancer in spine.

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I am currently on a drug trial for advanced mets lung cancer. It has worked well until June 23 when it was noticed there was progression on the spine. Compression in thoracic region needed to be treated with radiation. Just been admitted for caressing again treated with more radiotherapy. Not sure if I am still eligible for the trial but will know more when I have been reassessed over the next two weeks. Looking to talk with eople in a similar position as my spine is now showing mote mets. What were your treatments how managed ect.. would love to hear your stories. 

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  • hi i had kidney cancer five years ago .On my last yearly testing they found cancer on my lower spine and ribs .I was in shock for many weeks .I felt really well .I had a biopsy on my spine .Which was  very painful .I started on treatment but it never worked .I am now terminal .Can i ask you did you have covid injection .

  • Hi sorry for delay on response I have had two very bad months with hospital admissions.  The answer is yes I have had all my flu and covid shots 

  • Hi sorry not responded sooner I have had two terrible months which included hospital admission I am still currently in hospital getting over covid. The answer to your question is yes I have had all my covid shots to date