Anastrozole and Zoledronic acid

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is anyone else having these treatments due to secondaries on spine / bone?

I was on tamoxifen for 12 years and after scans changed to Anastrozole, on that for 2 years now. I started having Zoledronic acid in April 22 and every 6 weeks.

My onc said yesterday that the frequency may change depending on blood and ct results to 12 weekly.

it has just hit me that I have no end date on ZA and I will constantly be going for infusions until I guess that doesn’t work anymore.

im also aware of my weight gradually increasing and jeans are too uncomfortable to wear….

id love to hear from you if you are these meds.



  • Hi

    I'm not on anastrozole or zoledronic acid but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet.

    I've done a search in the group and found these previous posts which mention anastrozole and these which mention zoledronic acid. I hope they help.


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