Excruciating pain from cancer in pelvic bone

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My pain has worsened over time, so much that I can no longer walk (I walked using a frame previously from spinal bone cancer). My GP has has started me on 40mg Morpine tablets for 30 days and a couple of bottles 100ml immediate release Morphine for breakthrough pain. 

Trouble is, I've nearly run out of the liquid Morphine because the breakthrough pain is so severe especially trying to walk with my frame to the toilet. My kitchen and living are up three stairs and I simply cannot get up there to those rooms. The only time I'm not in pain (and the pills work) is when I'm lying in bed. But I cannot seen my life there.

I've and appointment in two weeks with my oncologist and for an MRI to determine the target area for radiotherapy, but I'm worried sick because the pain is so severe getting done other flight of stair to get to my wheelchair. My GP didn't ring me back and I'm worried sick about asking for more liquid Morphine or upping the tablet dose. I feel like a junkie, but I'm chasing pain not addiction. The pain and stress is leading me to dark places. I wince with pain every time I move, and worry that my GP isn't understanding the pain I'm in. I'm. struggling and my partner and carer is powerless and is upset along with me. A very unhappy household.  

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    I'm really sorry to hear how much pain you're in and the problems you're experiencing trying to get pain relief.

    I can see that you also posted this is the ask an expert section of the community and can see that you've had a great reply and that also you're in touch with your local hospice. I really hope that the hospice are able to sort out pain relief for you.

    Sending a big ((hug))

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